Thursday, April 7, 2011

William & Kate's wedding covered seven Thousand Journalists

Wedding Prince William and Kate Middleton to be a grand event has been waiting all over the world. William and Kate historic day that will be covered by 7 thousand journalists from all over the world.

According to sources from the British empire, the journalists have already obtained official permission to do the coverage of William's wedding on 29 April. As reported by The Sun, Thursday (4/7/2011), as many as 60 television cameras will be placed in various positions to record the historic moment.

"They want marriage to be the most memorable moments during her life,"said the source.

After William and Kate officially became husband and wife, will have 5 ceremony ceremony of the British Empire. The event was held while carrying the bride from the Church of Westminster Abbey to Buckingham Palace.

Marriage between Prince William and Kate Middleton is expected to be witnessed by an estimated 2 billion people from around the world via TV. A total of 2 thousand people will pack the area of ??their marriage in the Church of Westminster Abbey, London, England.

450 thousand people are expected to stand outside Buckingham Palace to see the King and Queen of their future smooch from the balcony. meanwhile, 650 invited guests will be present at their wedding reception. Two William and Kate wedding cake will also be on display.


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