Monday, August 30, 2010

Orange, New Friends of People with Diabetes

citrus fruit

Beliefs of ancient Egyptians placed orange as one of the foods that can protect the body from various kinds of poisons and diseases. That is what later became the basis of today's scientists found that treating diabetic oranges role.

As quoted from the page of the Daily Mail, scientists study the content of naringenin, a kind of antioxidant that gives a bitter taste in citrus. This element was developed to manage type 2 diabetes.


George Clooney Humanitarian Award Win

Hollywood actor George Clooney

Los Angeles: Hollywood actor George Clooney, adding his appreciation. He won the humanitarian award "Bob Hope Humanitarian Award" in the arena of the Emmy Awards on Sunday (29 / 8) yesterday.

Clooney never get an Oscar, two Globe trophies, and trophies Movie Critics Awards. And this time the award is not related to expertise in the acting world, but related to "work" it in increasing awareness of the crisis in Darfur, Sudan, as well as fund-raising efforts for disaster victims of Hurricane Katrina, the earthquake in Haiti, and the victims of 11 September 2001 attacks in New York and Washington DC.

Clooney is

The cult of the Muslim Women's Apparel (Mukena Tasik)

"Mukena Tasik"

"Mukena Tasik" was well known in Indonesian society. but for those of you who are in the capital Jakarta did not have to bother to get this mukena. Various mukena this market are sold at affordable prices and the model variable.

Tasik market, not to an approach which is one of Tasikmalaya districts in West Java. but this is a regional market in Tanah Abang, Jakarta. Hundreds of cars, which showcases merchandise, such as mukena in various styles, models and colors.

The traders who came from Tasikmalaya was held wares right in front of Station Tanahabang, since at 3:00 am to 11:00 noon. Price mukena-mukena it varies, there is one score to reach U.S. $ 61.1 and there is also a U.S. $ 333.3.

Tasik Market Vendors on selling only on Mondays and Thursdays each week. Mukena buyers not only from Jakarta and its surrounding communities, but also from out of town. There are even from other countries.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Friendship Elves and Men

Los Angeles: Elves and Humans are friends, is it possible? The answer to the question would be presented in an animated movie Tinker Bell and The Great Fairy Rescue DinsneyToon Studios production.

The film, directed by Bradley Raymond is a sequel to the film Tinker Bell, which was released in 2008. In this latest film tells the adventures of a friend of Peter Pan, Tinker Bell, who can not resist the temptation to explore the world.

Nnahas for small Tink, when a little girl caught him. Other fairies joined forces to conduct rescue missions Tink, and bringing them back to safety.

Another said a state. The girl was actually good friends with Tink. New problems that emerged was the desire Tink who tried to help and risking everything for his friend.

Motorcycles & Laptops disappear by a new friend on Facebook,

If not careful, Facebook can bring disaster, as happened to Dina Puspita.

SURABAYA - Dina Puspita (20) do not learn from previous events. He is still possible to be deceived by the new people he knew through Facebook. Seduction for seduction, Dina willing to let go of the Motorcycles L JJ 5743 along with his wallet containing important papers are stored under the seat of the motor. Also a laptop!

The man who was known Dina, is already worthy of being a father. She was 52 years old! "He admitted that he called ADM, the resident Nginden, Surabaya," said Zoe. "I knew some time ago by Facebook," he added.

Since then, they often communicate via Facebook or mobile phone. Then they promise to meet and a trip to Madura to see the bridge Suramadu by riding a motorcycle owned by Dina.

Sinabung Mountains

Sinabung Mountains erupted, in Tanah Karo, North Sumatra, resulting in a displaced community continues to grow. On Sunday (29 / 8) afternoon, the North Sumatra provincial government to get data on the number of refugees reached 10 thousand inhabitants.

"Says Head of Communications and Information Agency of North Sumatra provincial government, Eddy Syofian, his opinion, the total population residing in area Sinabung reached 26 000 inhabitants from 20 villages. Eddy said, the provincial government asked residents to flee to the nearest area with a radius of six kilometers.

Total, counting Sunday night. Refugee Response Coordinator in Tanah Karo, Patience Perangin-wind, mention up to this evening the number of refugees has reached 16 800 inhabitants.

Those who fled the average citizens who are domiciled from District Naman Teran, District Umbrella, Simpang District Four and District Tiganderket. "Yes probably continue to grow because there is no certainty of when to stop fog volcanology expert," said Patience.

The refugees are divided in several areas. "Kabanjahe, Berastagi, Tigabinanga and Singamanik," said Patience. In fact, he continued, informed citizens are also leaving Tanah Karo. "The information there is to Langkat," said Patience.

The condition of refugees, said Patience still looks stable. "Nothing has been hospitalized. Because there are refugee doctors in each post, "he said.

US-ASEAN Economic Relations "High Priority"

Hanoi-economic relations between the United States and Southeast Asia have "high priority", said a spokesman for the U.S. Embassy, Saturday (28 / 8), although U.S. officials absent from the meeting an important trade region.

The ministers from China, Japan, India and leading trade partners from 10 other member countries of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) attended the annual meeting which ended Friday, the central Vietnamese city, Danang, but U.S. officials are absent.

As quoted by Antara, Saturday (28 / 8), the analysts blamed political factors for the domestic United States because it is not shown. "The economic and trade officials the U.S. government continues to maintain a constant and active dialogue with their ASEAN partners," said embassy spokesman told AFP. "And we consider the US-ASEAN economic relations continued to receive high priority."

Seize Hamilton Belgian GP

The competition was marked by rain and several accidents.

Lewis Hamilton has finally emerged as champion at the Belgian Grand Prix, Sunday, August 29, 2010. McLaren's poor start successfully utilize pole position holder Mark Webber.
Webber eventually finished in second place, followed by Renault, Robert Kubica in third place. While Ferrari's Felipe Massa had to settle for fourth after.

Racing at Spa Francorchamps circuit, the drivers had to contend with changing weather. Some accidents also colored the course of the race.
When the start flag was flown, Hamilton directly poke into the first position. Former world champion took advantage of Webber's work which had slipped down to seventh.

Other McLaren drivers, Jenson Button was also performed well at the start of the race. The defending champion was even attached to Hamilton.

Unfortunately Button unable to continue the race after a brushed with Red Bull drivers, Sebastian Vettel. Vettel himself eventually receives a penalty and could only finish in 15th position.

Belgian GP Results:

Side Effects Against Drunk Office Computers

As a result of drunkenness, one hundred thousand dollars worth of computer ism repair damaged and need to get serious.

An employee at RANLife Home Loans mortgage company, home of Salt Lake City, United States drunk after drinking alcohol at an event Twilight Concert in Pioneer Park, which he visited with a fellow worker.

The problem, once drunk, he returned to the office. Then, using a .45-caliber automatic pistol he fired on the server that cost the company U.S. $ 100 thousand.
Not quite up there, when the police came, he admitted that someone had beat up, seized his gun and did the shootings.

As quoted from Salt Lake Tribune, August 28, 2010, Joshua Lee Campbell, 23-year-old employee was charged with multiple crimes ie, carrying a dangerous weapon in a state of drunkenness, bad behavior and giving false information.

Fortunately no one was injured in the incident. However, a computer costing U.S. $ 100 thousand. is corrupt and needs to get serious improvement

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Inter's defeat, Atletico's European Super Cup Winner

European Super Cup

MONACO-Atletico Madrid managed to win the European Super Cup after defeating Inter Milan 2-0 at the Stade Louis II Stadium, Friday (27 / 8).

For Inter, this failure makes their ambition to reach the six titles in a year is not reached. So far, "La Beneamata" new collection of four titles, namely the League Serie A, Coppa Italia, Champions League and the Italian Super Cup.

Inter Milan's goalkeeper, Julio Cesar,
Antonio Reyes failed to block a kick in the European Super Cup match,

Inter's first real threat to release through the action of Wesley Sneijder when new games run a minute.
The Dutch midfielder fired straight hard after the throw to maximize Douglas Maicon in from the left side Atletico defense. but the former Real Madrid shot was just passed overhead crossbar David De Gea.

Two minutes later, Diego Milito who turn off the threat. However, Atletico's kick hit the crossbar.
Inter goalkeeper Julio Cesar who was escorted not without threats. Sergio Aguero could terrorize. But his efforts have not been able to produce goals for kicking the ball still hit one of the Inter defender.

Atletio could get a golden opportunity on 26 minutes. Paulo Assuncao in a position to freely release free hard kick from outside the penalty box. Opportunities are wasted because Assuncao hit a thunderbolt shot one of the defenders.

Turn "La Beneamata" push back. Samuel Eto'o left winger looks diligent rummaging Atletico defense. Action could even split the heart of Diego Forlan's defense-minute et 32.

With its speed and technique, an attacker from Cameroon were the three players managed to fool the opponent. Bad resolution to make its action did not produce any results. Until the break, both Inter and Atletico could not even score one goal from a few opportunities are created.

After halftime, the game runs slow. Replies to counter the attack was still colored the course of the game. At minute 56, Eto'o movement almost to fruition. Having successfully mastered breakthrough bait Sneijder, Eto'o penetration. However, before releasing the shot, Luis Perea managed to steal the ball from the feet of Eto'o. Atletico have any direct reply to the threat of action by Antonio Reyes, though his shooting can still be thwarted by Cesar. However, only a lapse of two minutes later, Reyes really be disastrous for Inter. Having successfully mastered the feed from Aguerro in the penalty box, he managed to release a hard shot lodged in the lower left corner of the Atletico goal. Maicon strict guard was not significant.

Disadvantaged 0-1, Inter coach, Rafael Benitez, to make changes. He replaced by Goran Pandev Stankovic. The inclusion of the power on for Inter Pandev made sharper. But it was the Inter conceded in the 83rd minute. Is that forced Cesar Sergio Aguero picked up the ball in his own goalkeeper after the cheating was released Simao bait horizontally from the left sector.

Certainly in the 89th minute, Inter win prizes Pandev penalty after Raul Garcia violated in the penalty box. But Milito who appeared as the executioner failed to perform its duties after the shot can still be ignored De Gea. This makes Inter Milito failure to admit the power of his opponent with a score of 2-0.

The composition Players
Inter Milan: Julio Cesar; Javier Zanetti, Cristian Chivu, Walter Samuel, Lucio, Maicon; Dejan Stankovic (Pandev 68), Esteban Cambiasso, Wesley Sneijder (Coutinho 78), Samuel Eto'o, Diego Milito

Atletico Madrid: David De Gea, Tomas Ujfalusi, Luis Perea, Roberto Leal Godin Dego, Alvaro Dominguez Soto, Jose Antonio Reyes, Simao, Silva Paulo Assuncao, Raul Garcia, Diego Forlan, Sergio Aguero

Julia Roberts movie blessing to Bali

Julia Roberts' latest film, Eat, Pray, Love (EPL), considered a potential as a vehicle to attract more foreign tourists visiting Bali.

"We take this moment (the film launching EPL) to further promote Bali to the international world," said Director General of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism Marketing (Kemenbudpar), Sapta Nirwandar, in Jakarta, Monday (23/08).

He said the filming location of EPL is one of them took place in Bali should be a moment of tourism promotion in Bali and Indonesia generally indirectly to the international world.

Moreover, the gala premiere of EPL for Movies held in the United States (U.S.) some time ago some success and watched by millions of movie lovers in the country. "We are attending the Premier Gala event in the U.S. and we see it succeed," he said.

It will start offering a world class filming locations other than Bali, which is scattered in various corners of Indonesia. "We offer world-class filmmaker shooting a movie where the world scale," he said.

Last year, the institute had met with the Film Producers EPL in Bali and offered it. Even the Minister of Culture and Tourism (Menbudpar), Jero Wacik, on occasion, offer shooting locations include Sumbawa, which is perfect for cowboy-themed movie.

Not only that there are still many other places in Indonesia are very suitable as a world class film location shooting. It met the film producer EPL Stein Wlodkowski and listen to their opinions on Bali.

According, Wlodkowski and his crew who came late in 2009, they were very impressed with Indonesia, especially Bali, judged as the most romantic places in the world.

It to express my thanks for the support Wlodkowski and his crew to shoot a film with Oscar-winning star, Julia Roberts, in Bali.

According to Seven, the film will be a very effective means to introduce the culture of Bali to the world, while stimulating the desire of people to visit Bali.

He argues, the film is one of the means to introduce to the world of nature and culture, thereby increasing appreciation of the world to Indonesia, especially Bali.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Ice Tea For Kidney Hazards

Who does not like to drink iced tea? Sweet refreshing taste, combined with cheap prices to make iced tea became a favorite drink in all the atmosphere, including during fasting.

The popularity of iced tea as evidenced by its presence in almost all the places to eat, ranging from small shop class to an expensive restaurant. Perhaps many who agree with the jargon of bottled iced tea, "Regardless of food, drinking still iced tea."

But you know, behind the ecstasy, ice tea keeps potential harm to health. Loyola University Chicago Stritch Research School of Medicine revealed that iced tea consumption in excess increases the risk of kidney stones.

As quoted from the page of the Times of India, iced tea contains high concentrations of oxalate, one of the key chemical that triggers the formation of kidney stones. "For those who have a tendency pain of kidney stones, iced tea drinks obviously be the worst," said Dr. John Milner, an assistant professor of the Department of Urology, which was included in the study.

Milner said the hot tea was also stores the same bad effects. Only, the rate of presentation of hot tea is usually smaller. Logically, people drink hot tea would not be as much iced tea. Rarely people who ate hot tea when thirsty. Unlike iced tea, where many people could drink more than a glass when thirsty and hot air.

Men, women posmenopause with low estrogen levels, and women who had undergone surgical removal of ovaries exposed to the most vulnerable adverse effects of ice tea. Therefore, Milner suggests, changing beverage consumption with white water, or mix it with lemon. "Lemon citrates rich content, which can inhibit the growth of kidney stones," Milner said.

Kidney stones are small crystals that form from minerals and salts that are usually found in the urine, kidney or urinary tract. Unused mineral generally get out of the body with urine, but under certain conditions can settle and harden in the urinary tract.

The researchers also revealed a number of other foods that have the potential to save a bad effect. They mentioned include: spinach, chocolate, nuts, salt, and meat.

Instead, the consumption of iced tea and foods that are moderate for kidney health. Combine well with foods high in calcium can reduce oxalate. And, of course multiply drinking water.

Chris John Ready to Fight

Semarang, Indonesia: The holder of the Champions Super featherweight title boxing association world (World Boxing Association / WBA), Chris John, underwent a complete rest after an injury suffered on his ribs before the bout against boxer Argentina, Fernandi Saucedo. "I have not the slightest exercise due to move just a little sore still. So this time I actually complete rest first," said Chris John when calling at Semarang, Tuesday (27 / 7).

He acknowledged, indeed compared to when getting injured some time ago in Jakarta, nowadays, it has been good progress, but he has yet dared to do even light exercise activities. "It's better, but to move sedikitny just is not comfortable," said the owner of record of fighting to win 43 times (22 of them by knockout / KO) and two time series.

For Chris John was the struggle against El Vasco (call Fernando Saucedo) is that the 13 times for Chris John to defend his title since taking it back from the hands of Panamanian boxer, Oscar Leon on Bali in 2003.

Five Tips Start Saving

New York: Open a savings account at a bank has become a regular thing for you. Yet, with increasing necessities of life, savings into account temporary placeholders. If so you need to be careful, especially when you are married. Try economical life, because the habit of saving can help you achieve financial freedom. Here tips.

According to the Institute of Personal Financial Advisors Moolanomy, Pinyo, the amount of interest earned from savings created the magic number, add the amount of your savings more quickly and safely. Try looking for a moment the calculation of interest being offered, the greater the benefits offered the main attraction. But never forget, look at the accreditation of the bank.

Second, some people think should start saving in large numbers, especially for an emergency fund or a pension. Start with small amounts of money, this is to measure your ability to get used to it now and save money. That way you will be able to control the financial revenues and expenditures on a regular basis.

Thirdly, tekadkan saving goals. That it should be noted, menabunglah for long-term goals or dreams you want to get. Like owning a house to fund children's education. Write down in your mind, and Talk to your partner.

Fourth, Use different savings accounts according to plan. Currently, the bank has provided a wide range of savings products such as funds for education, housing, worship pilgrimage to the pension fund. If you have more funds, open different accounts of this case makes it easy to realize your dream.

Fifth, enter the savings part of your budget. This allows you to calculate the income and expenditure, in sum, you do not feel confused when making a special postal savings.

Phone Direct Through Gmail

San Francisco, Google Inc. finally launched a service that allows to make calls to the phone directly from the e-mail account. With the existence of this service, Google is ready to compete with Skype site that provides similar services, both traditional operators like AT & T Inc. and Verizon Communications.

This service has been tried since Wednesday (08/25/2010). From Gmail account users can make phone calls to home and mobile phones for free until the end of this year for the U.S. and Canada, and that super-low fare to the phone to another country.

For example, if a user wants to call to England, Germany, China, France, and Japan, it cost only 2 cents U.S. per minute.
Analysts said that this service will become a bigger threat for Skype other than the traditional operators. The reason, traditional operators have started to slash costs to compete with-halo berhalo recent years.

"This is a threat to Skype. (Gmail) is the trademark of a competitor with a very good," said Rethemeier Todd.
Like the Skype, among users in the U.S., Google will become more popular for overseas calls than for domestic calls.

"Currently, the cost of the phone is cheap, and I'm not sure this service will suck up the interest to the domestic call," said Rethemeier.

Meanwhile, another analyst, Steve Clement of Pacific Crest, said that any user who uses a phone service via the Internet, is likely to cut their landline connection.

"This type of user who likes to use services like Skype and Gmail users are usually not the type of consumer who is still connected with a home phone or a landline," said Clement.

Service provided by Google is very simple and use the phone like a regular house, ie the user clicks on a list of phone call options on the left side chat friends Gmail account, and write down phone numbers or enter the contact name to call.

Talks grind will fare quoted from the online account that can top up by credit card. It's just that Google does not wait on this service via mobile phone. Dus, only through the computer.

With the addition of this service, Google stock closed with a recorded increase of 3.23 U.S. dollars, or 0.72 percent to 454.62 U.S. dollars on Nasdaq on Wednesday (08/25).

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Sobia, Beverage Breaking Citizens Mecca Favorites

Sobia is a society of Mecca is a popular drink during Ramadan to enter. This traditional beverage blended from raisins, wheat and yeast or dry toast was a favorite thirst when breaking the fast release.sobia drinks

All the inhabitants of Mecca put Sobia as one main dish during Ramadan. Beverage sobia has several types, including:
Sobia red, made from grain, flour, cardamom, cinnamon and crusty bread.
Sobia white similar to the red, the difference only in terms of color with the addition of rasperry.
While sobia raisins come from Yemen by adding cinnamon and cardamom.

Four Solar Phenomena

Four solar phenomena appear simultaneously, making the issue the last day or so-called doomsday lively discussion.

"Four The Sun In China? Crowded discussed mediated social networking as he heard four info sun emerged in China, some time ago.
But there are also the usual response to the emergence of four solar phenomena it.
Meanwhile, the National Aeronautics and Space Agency (Lapan) said the phenomenon was common.

According to Thomas Djamaludin LAPAN researchers say, the phenomenon of the four solar in China is usually called a sundog, ordinary light halo appears on the left-right, so often seen the sun even though the size of the smaller twin of the sun and is caused by sunlight refracted by ice crystals.

Sundogs formed by the plate-shaped hexagonal ice crystals in high cirrus clouds that float in which the air was cold and at low levels at the time. (Dom)

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Fraud success guise Facebook

Average spam campaign success guise Facebook reaches 47 percent. That is, almost half the users see spam titled Facebook clicking on the link to find out more.
The discovery was disclosed a security advisory from antivirus company F-Secure, Sean Sullivan. Some time later he had researched about the spam-related social networking.
As quoted from InformationWeek, August 25, 2010, the last two spam campaigns on Facebook, both involve 'McDonald' use link to its spread.

From the statistics collected Sullivan, noted that the campaign is totally spam reaching 32 thousand clicks and get 15 thousand total success 'likes' in the social networking site. "In terms of conversion rate of clicks to be like, one of the links had an average of 40 percent, and other links have about 48 percent," said Sullivan.

For spam measure, Sullivan said the figures are 40 percent success rate is very good. "Much better than the usual percentage of the success of spam emails," he said.

"The good news, though spam is still circulating on Facebook, now fewer and fewer users who were deceived," said Sullivan. "After much deceived, users began to realize that the links on Facebook is spam," he said.

Badminton World Championships 2010

Taufik Hidayat of Indonesia represented a single number in which the son of a single other player other son suffered defeat at the World Badminton Championships in 2010. while in the women's singles athlete not be left over after Adriyanti Firdasari uprooted.

Taufik had to work hard to step into the third round after being forced to play three sets 19-21, 21-19 and 21-9 against Hsieh Yu Hsin of Taiwan in the match 54 minutes.

Other athletes who followed Simon Santoso. Men's singles Pelatnas should resign Yi Hsuan Hsueh against a back injury. Injury is obtained when Simon beat Przemyslaw Wacha first half.

If the son still leaves a single representative, stated the case in women's singles. Indonesia ascertained without a representative in the third round after the player defeated Adriyanti Firdasari South Korea Kim Moon Hi 13-21, 21-15 and 21-18.

Success achieved by stepping into the third round mixed doubles pairing of Vita Marrisa / Hendra Gunawan Aprida who beat South African partner Dorian Lance James / Michelle Claire Edwards 16-21, 21-10, 21-9. Vita / Hendra accompany Nova Widianto / Liliyana Natsir who had already escaped.

The victory also won men's doubles Jonathan Suryatama Comment Bookmark / Rian Sukmawan who defeated German pair Kristof Hopp / Johannes Schottler 21-14, 21-23 and 21-18. Indonesia chance of adding one more representative in the men's doubles number when Markis Kido / Hendra Setiawan able to beat the Polish pair Adam Cwalina / Michal Logosz.

Prince William Engagement

Cousin of Prince Charles spoke at the public if Prince William had been engaged to a woman pilhannya is Kate Middleton. Prince Julius Eduard von Anhalt, as well as a duke of Saxe said, that the couple will soon announce news on their official engagement this fall and will be married in July next year, as quoted from, Sunday (22 / 8 ).

but he (the prince) did not specify the exact date when Julius British prince will marry. He also did not want to show the son of Prince Charles's wedding invitation. A German tabloid newspaper, Das Neue Blatt, assuming that the marriage might be held on July 2 next year, like the Prince's wedding to Prince Cahrles Cahrles.

Prince Eduard, a distant cousin of Prince Charles who often comment on matters relating to the kingdoms in Europe, he also commented that a grandson of Queen Elisabeth II. "She seemed to put pressure on Williams: We were married or separated No pressure anybody. And the possibility of an engagement arranged this autumn, where the wedding itself will be held next July," he said.

But sources close to the prince 28 years does not justify those two words. "They do not know what they are talking about Prince William. It is not even listening to them. Involvement is just still not sure," he said.

British Spy Found Killed

A British spy was found dead in the bathroom apartment located a few hundred yards from the headquarters
M16, the British intelligence agency. Agent's body was found stuffed in a large gym bag.

In the room of this apartment is found defective. Namely, cellular telephone SIM victim and his gift collection appears to have dismantled carefully. The agent
lives in central London, where house prices could reach more than one million pounds.

Victim believed to work as a communications officer in the "post supervision of the government" GCHQ in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire. But he also believed to work at the headquarters of the M16, the British Secret Intelligence Agency, near his apartment. M16 gather information about foreign enemies of England and spying that targets suspected terrorists.

According to neighbors, the victim - believed to graduates of Cambridge University with a doctorate in mathematics - described as a friendly person and a hobby of cycling.

"He was very friendly and have a good personality. She will not even bear to hurt a fly. He's always cycling and rarely visited by friends. Sometimes we can hear the humming of the tape from her apartment bedroom. It must be used for audio cassettes work. He never told me what he was doing, "said the victim's apartment manager.

Currently, this case is being investigated by the police. Last spy who died in the mainland United Kingdom is a former agent of the security agencies of the Russian Federation, Alexander Litvinenko. In November 2006, Litvinenko was murdered using Polonium-210 poisoning. (Dailymail / Yus)

Robber entered the house of Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton beautiful model homes hit a target criminals, Paris was startled by a man who allegedly wanted to break his home in the Los Angeles area, Tuesday morning (24 / 8).

"Very scary, I woke up because there was a man who tried to break through my house, the man was holding two large knives. But the police had arrested the man," wrote Paris through Twitternya account, Tuesday (24 / 8).

Los Angeles Police Department arrived at the home of Paris at 6:30 AM local time and managed to arrest an unidentified man who tried to break through socialite's house, as reported by Access Hollywood.

Meanwhile, a spokesman for Paris Hilton reveals to Access, 'I want to confirm that there was a man who tried to break into her house while she was asleep, this morning. Alarm and camera system gives the sign and the police soon came to the house and managed to catch the intruder it. Paris got into shock with the incident but he was unharmed and in fine condition. "

According to police reports Los Angeles (LAPD) which was released Tuesday afternoon, a man who tried to break through the Paris house was named, Nathan Parada, who currently have to pay 50.000 U.S. dollars.

The widespread Antarctic Sea Ice In The Mysterious

according to satellite records showed during the last 30 years, Arctic sea ice has decreased. But the sea ice in Antarctica is mysteriously continues to escalate.

Atlanta Georgia Tech researchers, Jiping Liu said more snow covered the upper layers of the sea which is currently less salty, so not too crowded. This layer becomes more stable so as to prevent the temperature to warm.

However, because of the increased amount of greenhouse gases that warm the ocean off the coast of Antarctica, then the subsequent impact was heavy rainfall that melt snow and ice, says new research published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

The more ice that melts, the more sunlight is absorbed well in the dark sea that reflected back into the atmosphere. The impact of further warming and sea is more sea ice is melting at the surface.
The loss of sea ice could also impact on reducing the number of glaciers when the quantity of water continues to grow, said Liu.

Antarctic Ocean, including the earth's coldest regions of low density or high water. This causes the region as 'the dominant driving forces' three-quarters of the circulation patterns of marine life.
These findings coincide with previous predictions that the reduced sea-ice loss in Antarctica can cause other side of life, said Walt Meier of the National Show and Ice Data Center (NSIDC) in Boulder, Colorado.

Kevin Trenberth, senior scientist at the National Center for Atmospheric Research Boulder, Colorado said that the study also shows the influence of the hole in the ozone layer.
Clouds are very bright summer encouraged by the presence of atmospheric holes have acted as a shield from global warming, scientists said.

Recent studies indicate that these holes may be closed, following the expansion phase of chemical elements, called chlorofluorocarbons.
When the clouds reflecting the sun was disappearing, the temperature in the southern hemisphere can rise faster.
"Recovery of the ozone hole in the future was a major factor of growth is expected," said Treth.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

CMnet, Social Networking Works Indonesian Muslim

CMnet, Social Networking Works Indonesian Muslim

Social networking pages claim Muslim homeland, CMnet become popular since the introduction last August 6. CMnet which is located Indonesian local social networks like Facebook and Twitter operation. The difference, CMnet developed system based on open source.

"CMnet have been capturing more than 3700 members who are not only from Indonesia but from the U.S., Malaysia, Hong Kong, Egypt, Kuwait and some European countries," says founder Cmnet, Dolla Indra. Dolla claims he made the page has been visited 8.5 million times.
Because of the popularity continued to rise, this page is often the target of hackers. Dolla confess, until now has been attacked by hackers CMnet 5,000 times. Even this page can not be accessed due to hacker attacks.
Therefore, Dolla continue to update the system so as to fortify CMnet from hacker attacks and make it more powerful and stable. Dolla also hoped the Indonesian government willing to develop CMnet as web-based applications in Indonesia.

David Beckham's U.S. Football League Salary Expensive

Los Angeles Galaxy Beckham contacted the club, these players listed himself as a top player with a salary more of 6.5 million dollars per year.
Although in a state of injury, David Beckham, the top ranked Major League Soccer payroll America, followed by foreign entrants recently from France, Thierry Henry and Rafael Marquez from Mexico.

Beckham, who never played for the Los Angeles Galaxy this season with a foot injury, finishing in the top league with a salary of 6.5 million dollars.
David Beckham

According to the latest list of MLS salaries Union players, Henry and Marquez, who joined the New York Red Bulls from Barcelona after the World Cup, are second and third players in the league's highest paid.

Henry, winner of the World Cup and European Championship winner with France and the Champions League with Barcelona, will be income 5.6 million dollars in guaranteed compensation this year.
Was ranked fourth on the list was a fellow team in Los Angeles, Beckham, Landon Donovan. Top scorer U.S. national team that received 2.13 million dollars this season.

Miss Universe 2010 Crown

Miss Universe 2010 crown fell to Jimena Navarrete, 22 years old. He comes Mexico. The girl from Guadalajara won the title Monday night in Las Vegas, beating contestants from over 80 countries and managed to become the prettiest of the 82 participants, including contestants from Indonesia, Qory Sandioriva.

Jimena Navarrete

Navarrete is a winner of 59 races that are directly broadcast to millions of viewers around the world. Finalists for the final round included contestants from Jamaica, Australia, Ukraine and the Philippines.
This victory was to replace the throne of Venezuela, which has won two kontestannya Miss Universe earlier.

Rima Fakih Miss USA, Miss USA winner who is Muslim first, knocked out before entering the semi-final. Fakih has invited controversy before the contest begins Monday night with her pose topless for the Miss Universe competition is. No fewer than 10 contestants posing topless for this event, and none of it successful through the 10 large.