Friday, December 31, 2010

Cruz and Portman Sexiest Women 2011

Pregnancy Penelope Cruz proved not prevent him being selected as the sexiest female version

Even the artist who is married to Javier Bardem is able to beat artists who often got the sexiest artist predicate, such as Angelina Jolie, Halle Berry, and Jennifer Aniston.

In addition to Cruz, Natalie Portman is rumored to be pregnant, also had been named as the 'Sexiest Woman 2011 Movie List' on the same site.

Sites devoted only to the man, also named Johnny Depp and Ryan Reynolds as 'Sexiest Man in 2011 Movie List'. Elections conducted since December 24 to 26 of 2010, also noted the name of Blake Lively as 'The Next Big American Movie Star'.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Inter Milan, champions Club World Cup

Inter Milan finally win Club World Cup for the first time since this event began to be held in 2000. Nerazzurri sure to bring the trophy after beating TP Mazembe with the score 3-0.

Playing in the Sheikh Zayed Stadium, Abu Dhabi, Saturday, December 18, 2010, Inter who appear confident to freely suppress the African representative team defense.
Thus, in the 12th minute Goran Pandev managed to bring Inter the lead. Pandev scored thanks to cooperation with the striker Samuel Eto'o.

1-0 does not necessarily reduce the Nerazzurri attack. Rafael Benitez's troops would continue to appear confident.

Five minutes after the goal Pandev, Inter returned to double the advantage to 2-0. This time turn to Eto'o who break goalkeeper Muteba Kidiaba through cooperation with Pandev.

Inter almost added advantage. However, bait ripe from the middle of the field failed to be utilized by Diego Milito in the 24th minute after the kick can be read by Muteba.

Mazembe are kept depressed only once in a while exerting pressure through the balls of death. However, until halftime, goalkeeper Julio Cesar stay safe.

In the second half, Mazembe trying to get out of pressure with the occasional attack. However, because the sturdy line behind Inter, Mazembe efforts always fail.

After a busy attacking throughout the second half, Mazembe would not forget defense. Seeing this, Jonathan Ludovic Biabiany who started to go in the 69th minute to replace Diego Milito with quick advantage of a defender opponent.

Thanks to a long feed from midfield sent by Dejan Stankovic, Biabiany memperpesar advantage in the 85th minute after a pass from the off side trap.

Until the long whistle sounded, the score remained 3-0.

The composition of players

TP Mazembe: Muteba Kidiaba, Miala Nkulukuta, Kilitcho Kasusula, Joel Kimwaki, Mbenza Bedi, Amia Ekanga, Kazembe Mihayo, Given Singuluma, Dioko Kaluyituka, Mulota Kabangu, Ngandu Kasongo (Amukok Kanda 45).

Inter Milan: Julio Cesar, Maicon, Iván Ramiro Córdoba, Cristian Chivu (Dejan Stankovic 53), Lucio, Javier Zanetti, Esteban Cambiasso, Thiago Motta, Diego Milito (Jonathan Ludovic Biabiany 69), Samuel Eto'o, Goran Pandev.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

2 women dating Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber. 16 years old singer is being loved by teenagers in the world. In the midst of which skyrocketed in popularity, singer song 'Baby' is desperate to play romance with two women singers at once, Selena Gomez and Jasmine Villegas.

As quoted in The Sun, Bieber and Villegas involved secret dating in Atlanta November ago. Previously, the couple were seen kissing around September. Their relationship reportedly even getting warm.

Villegas consider Bieber as her lover. R & B singer did not even hesitate to go to Atlanta to visit Bieber. In a videotape, they were seen kissing and hugging.

While at the same time, Gomez also think he was loved by Bieber. Gomez did not hesitate to tell kemesraannya with Bieber, including intimate breakfast in Philadelphia this weekend.

With good looks, kekayanan, and popularity, Bieber was able to attract millions of female fans in the world. "I love him, he was also best friends. I'll do anything for the boy," said Gomez.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Yoga Helps Improve Sex Life Couples

EXCEPT useful for treating various diseases, weight loss, mental health, increase positive mood, yoga also has other benefits. Namely improving the sexual life of couples.

A research states that women who experience dissatisfaction in sexual relationships and practice the techniques from the east is reported to have improvement in desire and orgasm. For men, yoga effectively cope with premature ejaculation.

According to Linda Sontag in her book "Tafsir Kama Sutra", yoga allows one to release the personal anxieties and leave the burden of everyday life. Yoga also strengthens and turn on the body by improving the working muscles and joints.

Yoga can help improve the sex because it was difficult to sex with a partner, if one of the pair were strained or not concentrating. Because before having sex, of course you both need concentration and a touch of self.

Not only that, yoga also can help you to relax. Often feel tense without knowing it, even when standing too rigid in bed, feeling uncomfortable while asleep, the ear continues to hear the clock ticking on the wall, then try to tense and relax the muscles to see how you hold yourself with yoga.

Physical relaxation brings a feeling of comfort, as well as freedom from pain and aches. But yoga gives you more than that. As you continue to practice it, yoga brings a sense of calm that you and your partner need, enabling you both to remain strong in tension of everyday life.

Yoga movement is generally slow and graceful, never destructive. After passing through a yoga session, you will feel relaxed and full of energy, do not feel fatigue, or even tense.

Regulated deep breathing is very important to help you move with care. Do not force yourself to do anything that is uncomfortable or painful.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

McLaren Prepare New Innovation 'Jet Land'

Formula One (F1) last season, McLaren spawned innovation in MP4-25 car that had become controversial. F-duct system or air exhaust system McLaren once considered to violate the rules.

Although the cause polemics, but new innovation is a direct McLaren busy-busy other teams emulated. And the team nicknamed the Silver Arrows seem addicted to re-create new innovation in car racing next year, the MP4-26.

The concept of design innovation 'pole position' McLaren is being deliberated at its headquarters located in Woking, England. But until now, stronghold McLaren is still not willing to provide details of new innovations that will be implemented in next season's racing car.

Tim Goss who was given the task of leading the McLaren racing car manufacturers still consider many of the crevices of the rules of F1 which is still to be penetrated for a radical innovation.

"(Innovation) It looks very nice. But we can not say much at this time. But Doug (McKiernan, head of aerodimanis) and his team have created the platform for cars aerodynamics and looks good," said Goss told Autosport.

"There will always be room in the regulation to innovate and make the car champion. F-duct is a gray area and we actually have exploited the rules," added Gross.

Gross and McKiernan is known as brain McLaren innovation. Genius both also recently evidenced by the receipt of Autosport award for the category pioneer and innovation in Formula One.