Sunday, August 28, 2011

Application For Sharing Secrets

Digital technology led to people living in the 21st century increasingly diligent in sharing. In fact, if before you can share thoughts, photos, and favorite links through social media, now you can share the secrets of digital.

For iPhone users, the secret can be shared with others via mobile devices. This application will be launched in September.

The concept is to follow up the success of the blog and book PostSecret. In addition to installed on the iPhone, this application will also soon be installed on Android-based smartphone.

According to Mashable page, since 2004, PostSecret has received a shipment of more than 300 thousand secrets through anonymous postcards from the sender. Soon, with the launch of a completed application PostSecret video link, you can share the secrets of digital, find a thought that had been kept secret to other users, and react to them.

"For the first time, the secret divider will be digitally connected to each other, show support, or acquainted with someone whose secret could make them wonder, laugh, or cry," he explained PostSecret.

PostSecret has had a big follower, which may help the application is successful, ie more than 1 million Facebook fans, 420,000 followers on Twitter, 500,000 email recipients, and 4.1 million unique visitors to blog PostSecret.

Fees for applications for the secret-is U.S. $ 1.99.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

China Blocked Lady GaGa and Katy Perry Song

 For the umpteenth time the Chinese government issued a list of a hundred songs that are prohibited from playing or sold in the country. Than a hundred songs forbidden there are six songs of Lady GaGa. Not only was Lady GaGa, Katy Perry, Beyonce also  blocked.

The Chinese government clearly prohibits this twisted song. Even sites that sell or provide any streaming service was ordered to remove these songs before September 15 or they will be subject to legal sanctions. Decisions like these Chinese Ministry of Culture issued annually and are based on predetermined guidelines.

Although most of the songs in the list of 100 songs is a song by musician forbidden Taiwan or Hong Kong but there are some international names in the list. The Edge of Glory, Hair, Marry the Night, Americano, Judas, and Bloody Mary by Lady GaGa.

Other titles are also included is Last Friday Night (TGIF) by Katy Perry, Run the World (Girls) by Beyonce, I Want it That Way by Backstreet Boys, and Burning Up by Britney Spears. The songs blocked in China because they contain vulgar content.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Caring for Jewelry

Not all people has a time to clean the jewelry collection at a special place. To save time and costs, you can do it yourself, as long as it knows the steps exactly.

Here are some tips for cleaning jewelry, as quoted by Lushae Jewelery.
Before cleaning, make sure your jewelry in top condition, for example, no eye (stone) to be loose. Because, it could be, the rocks apart when you clean it.

For the jewelry of gold, simply soak in warm water mixed with detergent. Soak for 1-3 minutes. Do not use liquid cleaners that contain chlorine or ammonia, because it will damage the natural color of gold metal. After soaking, use a toothbrush to gently scrub your jewelry. This will make jewelry shine like new again purchased. After that, soak again in warm clean water (without detergent), and dry with a soft cloth.

For the humid climate, usually silver jewelry from materials quickly discolored (blackened). You can restore the silver color as before. How, to prepare the container cup or bowl to soak. after previously coated with aluminum foil.

Easy Steps Cleaning Jewelry at Home
Put your jewelry in it, then dab of baking soda on it until the entire surface covered with jewels. Afterwards, pour hot water into the foam container was to arise from the baking soda. When its foam begins to disappear, dry the jewelry with a soft cloth. You can repeat this process until the jewelry look clean and black color disappears.

Diamond sparkle when you first bought very interesting. but over time, the luster was gone when not cleaned. How to clean a diamond stone is quite easy. Use the liquid ammonia to restore its luster. But remember, do not let the liquid ammonia is about metal / gold into the framework of these diamonds.

Pearls are one type of jewelry is classic and timeless. Way too easy to clean. Simply soak the jewelry in water were pH neutral. Neutral pH can be obtained by mixing water and soap or a baby. Soak for a while and then dried. Your pearl jewelry will shine again.

As a final suggestion, do not clean jewelry at a basin or sink. Better to use a basin, or small bowl as a container. This prevents your jewelry falls into a sink hole or sink.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Stay Cool with Nine Tricks

One's appearance can make the opposite sex attracted. Researchers suspect there are a lot of interests in an actual individual that can last a long time.
There are several tactics you can do so that you can give yourself more than your appearance. Nine tips will help you look like the best version of yourself and will improve life.

* Repeal of unwanted hair
The hair on the nose, ears, or hair that stuck out elsewhere in your face make the look is not sexy. Get rid of excess hair in these areas by using tweezers. Hold each strand and pull it toward the growth of hair. Once a week, check your face from the emergence of new hair. If you have a mischievous eyebrows or eyebrows that connect, consider waxing or shape it.

* Exercise before you go out
If you have a plan out on a great night and you want to look the best, there should steal the time to exercise several hours before your event. Ideally, you have to mix cardio with weight training, concentrating involving your major muscle groups (especially if you're short on time), because this technique will make your muscles look ultra-tight for several hours. Plus, exercise will increase your confidence and give light on your healthy skin.

* Practice good posture
By standing upright, you automatically look slimmer with a more pronounced muscle. You will also be more confident, this is what mostly makes people look very attractive. When you stand correctly, your weight should rest more on your toes from the heels, your abs should be tight and drawn toward the stomach, and your shoulders should be rolled back.

* Treat your mouth
Brush your teeth regularly with whitening toothpaste, floss every night and whiten your teeth twice a year. Everyone finds that healthy teeth and gums will look attractive, and not caring for your mouth can be really disgusting.

* Investing in skin care
To ensure that the products you buy work for you, know your skin type. Men with oily skin or acne prone skin will benefit from a face wash containing salicylic acid concentrations of 2 percent, while people with dry skin should look for cleaners with a soft texture.

* Customize your face with your hair.
Haircuts and facial hair style that is based on the shape of your face can make a monumental difference in your appearance. Eg square-shaped face, the most suitable pieces of short to medium term and can take a variety of facial hair styles.

* Wear appropriate clothing
You can exit with a dressed for all classes such as designer apparel wool and cashmere sweaters that you want, but if your clothes do not fit, you'll look like you have more money than style.

* Know your weaknesses
Ask for an honest assessment of your body and your face can help you look okay. When you know your weak points, you will be able to minimize it or hide it to your advantage.

* Right  eating and drinking
Seek the right foods and you have won half the battle in the best-looking. Your body is like a machine, and filling the machine with high-quality fuel that will greatly affect how efficiently the next how much fat you store, the clarity of your skin, and hair and nail strength. There is a magic to it: Make sure you include lots of lean protein in your diet of poultry and fish, fill your plate with green vegetables, and fruit antioxidant for dessert.