Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Reasons Keep Walking 10,000 Steps per Day

Osteoporosis is now a serious problem in Indonesia. Based on data from Center for Nutrition in 2006, two out of five people in Indonesia are at risk of brittle bone disease this.

For that, you need to know, it's important to 'save' and meet daily calcium requirements during growth, starting from pregnancy, childhood and adulthood.

"The growth and bone development will be at peak periods when stepping on 30 years of age. After that, bone mass will decrease naturally, "says Dr.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Elegant Hair, Dynamic, and Stylish, Every Day

Just have a good haircut alone is not enough if they do not know how to arrange. In addition to maintaining healthy hair, choose a safe way of styling your hair every day. Choose styling series that contains Pro Vitamin B5, UV Filter, and efficacy of ginseng that strengthens hair roots.

Want hairstyle looks dynamic and "move" in rhythm with your active step, alternatively:

1. Hair Gel
   If you want the desired hairstyle and not easily changed by wetlook

2. Styling Foam
   If you want to form the desired hairstyle is not easy to change and more expanded

3. Hair Spray
   Apply as a finishing touch, formulated to produce high-power set and not sticky

4. Hair Spray (Aerosol)
   If you want to order more fluffy hair and strong, quick dry and not sticky, making it easier styling

5. Hair Glaze
   if you want memorable hairdo wet, not sticky, so the hair looks more smooth shiny

6. Hair Wax
   Able to organize health care the hair with the power set of strong but still soft, light hair, not sticky, and make the light look when applied wet.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Love your beautiful hair

The secret lies in the beauty hair scalp care. A clean scalp will make hair grow healthy, strong and not fall off easily, regardless of the length of your hair.

Express love to your hair by following simple maintenance.

1. Clean hair at least every other day. Accumulation of fat that are too long can weaken the hair root. Easy result hair loss.

2. Clean (wash) hair using a shampoo to suit your hair type. Follow with the use of hair softener products. Choose a product that can soften the hair softener while providing nutrients to the hair.

3. Once rinsed, use a hair tonic rambut.ramuan amplifier on entire scalp, massage gently until absorbed. Useful stimulate hair growth, prevent hair loss and strengthens hair roots. Especially for the tonic can be used every day.

Hair is a reflection of one's personal, and therefore have a healthy beautiful hair from now on.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Evidence Scientific Miracles of the Prophet Moses Splitting of the Sea

Narrated in the Old Testament scriptures that the Prophet Moses and his followers from the Children of Israel ever caught between two deaths. Forward intercepted the red sea, still or going backwards soldier killed Pharaoh. Then God also gave to Moses miracles, miracles are believed to three religions.

The wind was blowing hard all night. Then the Red Sea water was parted to the left and right, forming a path between the wall of water that would allow Moses and his followers fled. When Pharaoh's army pursued them, suddenly the sea wall collapsed. So they tenggelamlah.

Thousands of years after that incident, scientists now believe that the miracle was a natural phenomenon. The scientists from the National Cnetre for Atmosphere Calorado Seserach in the United States, as written in the Daily Mail, Wednesday,

Overcome Vettel, Alonso Grab Pole Position

The Ferrari driver Fernando Alonso captured the pole position at Singapore Grand Prix. In the Qualifying session, Alonso fastest time 1 minute 45.390 seconds, Saturday, September 25, 2010.

Alonso is only a fraction of a second faster than Sebastian Vettel who was sitting in second place. Vettel recorded time of 1 minute 45.457 seconds. Following at number three is the 2008 world champion Lewis Hamilton.

Meanwhile, 2009 world champion Jenson Button in fourth and Mark Webber in fifth. These results are certainly disappointing for the Red Bull, considering the two-riders-Webber and Vettel had the fastest time in Free Practice session I and II.

Full results of Singapore GP Qualifying Session

1. Fernando Alonso 01:45.390
2. Sebastian Vettel 01:45.457
3. Lewis Hamilton 01:45.571
4. Jenson Button 01:45.944
5. Mark Webber 01:45.977
6. Rubens Barrichello 01:46.236
7. Nico Rosberg 01:46.443
8. Robert Kubica 01:46.593
9. Michael Schumacher 01:46.702
10. Kamui Kobayashi 01:47.884

11. Jaime Alguersuari 01:47.666
12. Nico Hulkenberg 01:47.674
13. Vitaly Petrov 01:48.165
14. Sebastien Buemi 01:48.502
15. Nick Heidfeld 01:48.557
16. Adrian Sutil 01:48.899
17. Vitantonio Liuzzi 01:48.961

18. Timo Glock 01:50.721
19. Heikki Kovalainen 01:50.915
20. Lucas On Grassi 01:51.107
21. Jarno Trulli 01:51.641
22. Christian Klien 01:52.946
23. Bruno Senna 01:54.174
24. Felipe Massa no time

Friday, September 24, 2010

Beauty of Dewata Island (Bali)

Whoever knows the Bali island is one of the firts tourist destinations in the world. This recognition comes not only from the results of the poll magazines traveling in the world, but also the fact that millions of tourists visit the island every him. No exaggeration dubbed the island resort of Bali.

As a tourist destination, Bali has several attractions that could be a choice vacation. Kuta Beach, Sanur Beach, and Pura Tanah Lot (Tanah Lot temple) is some of the major destinations that are highly renowned. But if you want a different atmosphere, the following places can be your choice.

1. Kintamani
Kintamani located in Bangli regency. This area offers beautiful lake views while enjoying lunch. Enjoy the beauty of mountain and lake Batur that emit smoke which

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Bill Gates Still Richest People In America

Microsof company's founder, Bill Gates, re-occupied the top position as the richest man in America, according to Forbes magazine reported on Wednesday, September 22, 2010.

Bill Gates in the years to become the 17th richest person with assets worth 54 billion U.S. dollars, an increase of 4 billion U.S. dollars of his fortune last year.

The order of the two richest men in the magazine Forbers occupied by businessmen Warren Buffett with a fortune worth around 45 billion U.S. dollars, an increase of 5 billion dollars from last year.

Meanwhile, net profit founder of Oracle Corporation, Larry Ellison, has not changed in sequence to three with a fortune worth 27 billion dollars in the United States.

Chirsty Walton, heir to the Walmart founder Sam Walton, was at number four with his wealth milioar $ 24 U.S. dollars, an increase of 2.5 billion U.S. dollars.

Bandung Air Show and the Creative Expo 2010

Bandung Air Show 2010 at the Air Base (Lanud) Husein Sastranegara, greeted by enthusiastic residents of Bandung and its surroundings. On the first day alone, more than 15,000 residents who came to Lanud Husein Sastranegara. They come from all walks start entourage kindergarten pupils, to parents.

The enthusiasm of residents seen since at 8:00 pm. The line of vehicles began to happen since the 100 meters before the entrance gate. Residents who bring vehicles, both motorcycles and cars, just having trouble finding a parking space. The visitors had detained about half an hour waiting for the official opening of the BAS 2010.

After the opening, the visitors immediately entertained with a variety of attractions is a colossal martial arts that followed 500 children. Uniquely, in unison with martial arts attractions, promptly at 9:25 pm, at an altitude of 1,000 feet in altitude or ground level about 300 meters from the ground, passing three Hawk 100/200 aircraft from Squadron 1 Pontianak. Hawk 100/200 aircraft is made by British Aerospace Engineering. In this condition a full tank of fuel, Hawk 100/200 able to roam up to 1,600 km with 3,000 kg carrying weapons as well as the speed of 1,400 km / hour.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Other Side: Conversion D / A

Converter D / A modern high-end has the ability to convert digital signals to analog from a variety of digital flow. As counterparts (A / D), a converter D / A which is good to have internal facilities, low-jitter clock and (if necessary) the ability to clock from an external clock (BNC jack) or the clock is stuck with the flow - an audio stream, or a reference input XLR jacks.

Two examples of products that have the facilities source options as a bonus for users is the product DC224DAC from Troisi Design has a selectable input facilities and Prism Sound DA-2 which has a seven-wayinputsourceswitch facilities.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Qualified Converter Components

Factory - the factory chip offers various versions of the course is adjusted with the price, the conversion method, the number of channels, additional chips, the chip features a liaison DSP, THD / noise floor and dynamic range performance.

A converter A / D eminently qualified to have the ability of the analog front end (input from analog to digital converter) which is good, namely the ability of a wide dynamic range without clipping function - precise function, the level of control that can be reset and the attenuator. For example we may call, ADC1 A / D output Benchmark Media has 41 detent variable gain control 10-d Timmer tum calibration of the three-position 10/201300) first stage.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Digital Converter Analog to Digital and Digital-to-analog

Knowingly or not, in fact on any device or recording equipment such as multitrack audio processor, digital effects processor, a CD recorder, a sampler and some types of sintesizer already have the lowest converter.Konverter components that can be found in many computers, can convert the signal to a depth of 16bit and 44.1 kHz sample rate and a good quality audio interface that can easily convert the signal into the depths 24Bit/96kHZ or more.

High-quality conversion is required when a master recordings have been completed and prepared for commercial purposes. Two types of converters are known in the field of audio recordings of analog to digital converter and Digital to Analog converter is a device processor that functions as a "gateway" or portal can be said that relied on super-accurate in terms of professional digital audio production.
In a digital-based recording studio, the existence of the device D / A converter is accurate as important as the existence of the right monitor speakers and a good listening room. A / D converter that has a function inversely proportional to the D / A Converter is even more important because the quality of the audio (as constrained by sample rate, bit depth, accuracy conversion c% ckstability, analoginputsection) permanently attached to the digital data generated.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

When Musicians So how producers?

There are some musicians who had a little down for the music his band and some are still running, such as PIU Padi, Fonki Jikustic, Dhani Ahmad Dewa, Pay and Indra BIP already become a producer for new bands. We'll see, how their behavior has ever dealt with the producers of pure businessman. So far, they have many pressures and demands from the producer to reach the target in accordance with contract agreements.

Can not be ascertained also, that they are better than pure producers (businessman had no background musicians), they may be more severe than the producers and they could be better controlled by a personal experience. With great expectations from this experience was better they can understand the will of musicians who handled and, more important is the division produced quite human.

Friday, September 10, 2010

2 Greatest Band Downloadable get first RBT

Samson was the first band that got the highest income from the RBT (ring back tone), the band fronted by Bams, Erik, and Chandra Aldri is getting more than 22 billion rupiah from a song called "Kenangan Terindah". Previously producers have not looked at this, because Samson, all new bands that have been or will be working with Cellular Phone Number only get 20% of the profits.

Production House (PH) or a production house that used to produce soap operas or the jingle-jingle Man, I usually always buy a song from a musician at least appreciated 500 thousand to 1 million rupiah / songs. This does not happen again, a musician just give songs for free with the PH, because it is the promo song. for example the song "Bersama Bintang" band who's Drive was always aired every night on the soap opera Mentari.

Shur Kim Kardashian poses in Playboy Circulating

Kim Kardashian poses advice circulating in Playboy magazine. This is not the first time, Kim was photographed by the magazine section of the adult male.
Kim Kardashian

Playboy Cyber Club still holds 25 pictures Kim Kardashian documentation, from some stock photo shoot him from months ago in December 2007.

"Kim did not appear in public to exciting commercial needs like porn movies, cover art or icons for certain products. But that does not mean Kim stopped showing off her sexy and sensual," said a source from the site Playboy Cyber.

In a pose in Playboy, Kim appeared without a single garment. His body was only covered with a thin piece of cloth in some parts.

Previously, this beautiful socialite also never makes a scene with video mesumnya spread across the internet with a former boyfriend, Reggie Bush.

Open-aperture Katie Holmes on Marriage

So far, the wedding Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes walking far from harmonious and gossip. Increase their happiness, because it has been endowed with a beautiful daughter, Suri Cruise.

However, in contrast, turned out to save the feelings of other Katie. He claimed to live with Tom's family life was not easy. Stars of 'The Batman Begins' is said so many people continue to speculate about her marital life. And, he felt an odd deal.

"What he (Tom) are doing, what I do, and what we do is always in the spotlight in the media. I feel strange with this condition. All I could do was nod and smile," Katie said as quoted from Showbizspy, Thursday , September 9, 2010.

Katie is married to Tom Cruise in 2006 and then, after a courtship during 17 months, said he greatly admired her husband's career and the long journey often ask Tom's advice about acting.

"We worked together in everything at home. But, when working, he (Tom) is remarkable. Every film that he did was always done well. I watch all his films, and all of his classics," he said.

She also explained that if her husband is the most romantic man. Tom always indulge themselves with red roses as an expression of his love.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Camera on Stolen Motorcycle Valentino Rossi

Gyro camera in front of Valentino Rossi's bike was missing. This incident took place when Rossi was celebrating his success in the position of third place finish at the Italian MotoGP Misano Circuit, Sunday, September 5, 2010.

As reported by The Black Stayon, Rossi stopped in the path of his motorcycle after a finis since run out of gas. The moment had used his fans to come and say goodbye. However, there are no responsible parties who use the moment to poke the camera.

"Remember Gyro Cam, expensive, new, experimental, and lost! Dicongkel mass when VR (Valentino Rossi) ran out of gas," technician said Rossi, Alex Briggs at Twitternya account.

"Do not worry, I am sure that the camera will be back. We each had one in each motor, one in the motor JL (Jorge Lorenzo)," he continued.

In addition to loss events experienced by Rossi, Misano circuit also witnessed the deaths of Shoya Tomizawa. The Japanese rider was involved in an accident with two other drivers, Scott Redding and Alex de Angelis.

11 Officers Involved Egypt Theft Works Van Gogh

The 11 th Egyptian Culture Ministry officials were accused of negligence resulting in loss of 55 million dollars worth of paintings.
Mahmoud Khalil Museum in Cairo
Egyptian judicial office says 11 Egyptian Culture Ministry officials will be brought to justice for alleged negligence resulting in theft of Vincent Van Gogh paintings worth 55 million dollars.

Judicial officials said Monday, the first trial scheduled to 14 September next.

An initial investigation showed "blatant deficiencies" in the field of security at the Mahmoud Khalil Museum, where Van Gogh oil painting "Poppy Flowers" was stolen last month.

In Santiago Bernabeu Mourinho Tested Records

Madrid - Jose Mourinho is not wrong if it referred to as one of the most successful coach in the world. Speaking about the title, all already know. But who would have thought that Portugal coach has another astonishing record.
Jose Mourinho

Mourinho has a total of eight years had never felt the bitterness of defeat in front of his own supporters. He never lost at home since taking over Porto and Chelsea as well as continuing with Inter Milan.
Now his record at the Santiago Bernabeu be tested this weekend. However, Madrid's public believer The Special One could defend his record against Osasuna at the weekend.

The Portuguese coach was arguably never failed throughout his career, just nine games menukangi Benfica, his first career as the main coach, Mourinho at loggerheads with the president at that time and resign.
The president finally admitted to having made a mistake and was sorry to have wasted now Mourinho.

Angelina Jolie Oppose Burning of Al-Quran

Oppose the plan calls for burning of the Koran was delivered Jolie in Pakistan.

Not only the United States government and churches, artist Angelina Jolie, also called for the rejection of the plan of burning the Quran by Dove World Outreach Center sect led by Terry Jones.
Burning plan called the "International Day Burn a newspaper" or "International Day of Burning Qur'an" This will be Jones' warning when the terrorist attacks on the twin towers of the World Trade Center (WTC) 11 September.

"The word terkasar for those who burn the holy book of other people," Jolie in Islamabad after visiting flood victims in Pakistan as a representative of the United Nations (UN).

India carries out the Grand Prix F1 Racing Car

NEW DELHI - India will hold a series of grand prix motor racing series Formula One (F1) next year. Thus announced Sports Federation International Automobile (FIA), Wednesday (8 / 9).

One of the series will be held in the circuit that is being built in the area near the capital New Delhi. With increasing competition in New Delhi, then for next year, F1 grand prix series will be the 20th race.

Meanwhile, this year there are competitions held nineteen. FIA also said, for the upcoming season, no new team. None of the teams that report to the FIA requirements.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Musical Instrument Digital Interface (MIDI)

Protocol MIDI (Musical lnstrument Digital l17/efface) currently accepted and widely used by musicians and composers since the concept was introduced in 1982/1983. MIDI data is a standardized and efficient method for representing musical performance information, as it makes MIDI an attractive protocol not only for composers or performers to music but also for the application - a computer application that produces a sound like computer games or multimedia presentations.

Factors - factors such as the publication of General MIDI system specification, the interface compatibility between various PC/MIDI in common use, supporting facilities are accommodated MIDI computer operating systems like Microsoft Windows and also the evolution of low-cost music sintesiser, represents a significant impact on the widespread use of the MIDI protocol in various technological applications are also growing at this time.

Spain defeated Argentina 4-1

For the second time successful coach Sergio Batista to bring Argentina back to reap the victory. Facing Spain, Team Tango won 4-1.

In a friendly match held at the Estadio Antonio V. Liberti, Argentine performed valiantly against World Cup champion in 2010.

Batista troops did not take long to score. As new games run 10 minutes, the attackers managed to bring Lionel Messi of Argentina 1-0.

Three minutes later, Argentina's advantage back to double. Argentina scored the second goal by striker Gonzalo Higuain after getting feedback from the center of the field breakthrough. 2-0 for Argentina.

In mid-first round, the Argentine attack more craze. The inclusion of veteran players returning midfielder Javier Zanetti and Esteban Cambiasso added strong defense.

Spain is trying to play the ball from foot to foot can always be cut with ease when entering the Tango team defense.

Mourinho, Need Extra Striker

Madrid: Real Madrid coach Jose Mourinho has announced still need an extra attacker. Manchester City striker Emmanuel Adebayor claimed to be the top candidate in the transfer plan.

Mourinho requires a qualified attacker bomber. Special One has only two pure striker, Gonzalo Higuain and Karim Benzema, let alone the middle bandage injured Cristiano Ronaldo.

"With an extra striker, if Benzema or Higuain injury, I can calmly looked at the bench and have a solution to the attacker has sufficient stocks," said Mourinho. "I can also play both at once because one is not afraid of injury."

Madrid recruited six new players in the transfer market this summer, but none of the attackers. Because the transfer market had closed, Mourinho must be clever-clever set the composition of the players.

Adebayor fit in the eyes of an admiring Mourinho-style striker playing like a former protege at Chelsea, Didier Drogba. Former Arsenal striker had a physical and quality support. Moreover, Adebayor was stifling in the City of Manchester Stadium.

As an alternative, appoint Mourinho 17-year-old Anderlecht striker, Romelu my wound, which was also interested in Chelsea, Juventus and Inter Milan. Another striker goal-getters namely PSV Eindhoven Ola Toivonen and Bayern Munich striker Mario Gomez

Try 3D helmet Tested

New York: three-dimensional or 3D technology is now start reaching professional automotive world. This time, dozens of the original sample of 10 RPS 3D helmet was introduced to the public by HJC helmet manufacturer in New York, United States, Monday (6 / 9).

HJC's spokesman, said at least 20 prototype with a different helmet design 3D models tested six special engineer in a wind tunnel the engine speed up to 130 miles per hour or equivalent to 210 kilometers per hour. In these engines, aero dynamic visual power up helmets tested. As a result, the advantages and disadvantages of each helmet is a helmet can be known and the best will be selected for use in the international arena such as the World Superbike and MotoGP.

"HJC RPS 10 using a special locking system on the helmet shield is more stable so that the rider briefly turned their competitors," said a spokesman for HJC.

In a press release, HJC helmets also mention it has the latest construction technology choices Premium Integrated Matrix materials using three different materials, such as carbon fiber, aramid fiber and fiberglass. So that the weight of the helmet only 1,500 grams, 100 grams lighter than previous helmets products.

Some sources say the United States-made helmets are used some famous drivers like Ben Spies, World Superbike champion and MotoGP.

Victoria Beckham, Nomination "British Fashion Award 2010"

London: For the first time, a clothing brand former Spice Girls member Victoria Beckham entered in the nomination "The British Fashion Award 2010" for the category Desaigner Brand. He competes with fashion brands on board, such as Burberry, Mulberry and Pringle.

His performance won the nomination show, Victoria Beckham has had a name as a fashion designer in the international fashion industry. Wife of David Beckham's fashion brand launched in New York, United States, two years ago.

Collections he designed his own clothes worn by celebrities on the red carpet world, like Drew Barrymore, Madonna, Jennifer Hudson, Mary J. Blige, Demi Moore, Nicole Scherzinger, Blake Lively, Jennifer Lopez, Gwyneth Paltrow, Heidi Klum, Cameron Diaz, Brooke Shields, and Leighton Meester.

For the Designer of the Year category, appears the name of Christopher Kane, Erdem, and Phoebe Philo.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Shisha Smoking Dangers

a woman was smoking Shisha
Shisha is very familiar in Indonesia. There are many places to eat or middle eastern-style cafes in Indonesia provides a Shisha as an alternative to tobacco, other than cigarettes.

Shisha has been used for centuries ago for smoking and reduce stress, while relaxing with friends and family. Shaped like an ancient water pipes, consisting of a long tube attached to a glass or plastic container filled with water.

Shisha so popular in Saudi Arabia and Egypt. In Lebanon, known as Narghile, whereas in English called the Hookah. People smoked for relaxation. They think shisha is safer than cigarettes. This opinion is it true?

As quoted from the Arab News, the research contained in the Saudi Medical Journal of the Armed Forces Hospital in Riyadh, El-Alem, shows the alarming fact that the shisha, like cigarettes is a major cause of death worldwide.

The study found that smoking shisha increase heart rate and blood pressure, and interfere with lung function.
Flavored shisha tobacco in the aroma of fruit and sugar syrup, then burnt using charcoal. Many who thought that the smoke through water before combustion can filter out harmful substances inhaled in tobacco. In fact, water pipe smoke contains the same toxins as cigarette smoke.

Arus Mudik 1431 Hijriah

JAKARTA, Traffic "Lebaran passengers" on the H-4 is expected to increase at night. However, this increase is still within reasonable levels. Coordinator of the National Post newspaper Lebaran 2010 Transport Saputro Suwandi said, since this morning to evening traffic situation across the region in Java is still relatively smooth and controlled.

On H-4 or Monday (06/09/2010), increased traffic flow on average 38 percent more than last year, and most seemed to happen in the land routes. Of the 22 closed-circuit television cameras placed at various locations in the province of Banten, West Java and Central Java, has not showed increased volume of vehicles that is very noticeable compared to the previous day.

"There has been no sign of improvement is striking, still-current current course. On the local terminals are also still current, there is no buildup of passengers. At the airport, too," Suwandi said in Jakarta on Monday afternoon.

Suwandi estimates, the volume of vehicles will begin to rise on Monday night until Tuesday morning. Most passengers, he said, will occur in H-2 or Wednesday (09/08/2010). "Tonight until tomorrow the numbers will rise. Lonjakannya will occur in the H-2 because at that time private sector employees have started off," he explained.

Suwandi added, with the increasing volume of vehicles in the coastal strip north and south, drivers should begin to reduce vehicle speeds, especially in times of rain. "There was heavy rain, so be careful when passing Nagrek," he advised.

Currently the National Post in 2010 are still records the Lebaran Transportation traffic ,both the number of vehicles and passengers, as well as monitoring the condition of routes and transport nodes.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Sintesiser basic Fikstur generally consists of:

Polyphony, namely: Generally polyphony measured or recognized as the count of notes or sounds. Fikstur polyphony of a sound; generator associated with the ability to play a tone more 'than one note at a time .. Sintesiser early generations is generally monoponik, fikstur means that there can only play one note at a time. If we hit five keys on the keyboard simultaneously sintesiser we only hear one note only. Meanwhile, if we press the five key polyphonic keyboard sintesiser which 'only has four votes, so that only four tones will sound only, on a modern sintesiser keyboard with more sound modules (sound' modern module now has 16, 24 or 32 tones polyphoni ), then the fifth tone will be heard all.

Sound: differences in sound that can produce a sintesiser''or the sound generator is sometimes called "Patch", "Program", "algorithm" or "timbre". Sintesiser a programmable generally recognize the "Plan numb & 'or' Patch numb &" for each sound. For example, the use of the patch number one sound module for the sound of piano, acoustic and patch number 36 for the fretless bass sound. The relationship between all the patches number of sound is often called a patch file.

Multitimbral Mode : A sintesiser or multitimbral sound generator called when the ability to generate more than two different instrument sounds simultaneously. With the tone polyphony 'is enough and "parts" (multitimbral), a single sintesiser can produce the entire sound of a band or even orchestra. Multitimbral operation generally requires the use of a sequencer to send a variety of MIDI messages as needed. For example, a sequencer could send MIDI messages to the piano part on channel 1, bass on channel 2, channel 3 on the saxophone, drums on channel 10, ff. A 16 part multitimbral sintesiser can receive different parts on each of the 16 logical channels on the MIDI channel.

Margarito Pacquiao Want to Break Records

Antonio Margarito
Manny 'Pacman' Pacquiao has been known as a boxer-boxer reliable conqueror of Mexico. Antonio Margarito promised to break the record when the two met, 13 November 2010.
Pacquiao is known as a butcher reliable Mexican boxer-boxer. Antonio Barrera, Juan Manuel Marquez and Erik Morales is a line of boxer Affairs Sombrero has become the victim of Pacquiao.

Top hegemony is, Pacquiao also known as Mexicutioner.
Margarito as reported by www. boxingscience, do not want to be a new victim Pacquiao. In contrast, the Mexican boxer Pacquio intend to break the record when the two met in Coboys Stadium, Texas, United States later.

"I want to prove that I am better than him (Pacquiao). Frankly, I have a hunger to be champions again and I have a dream to make it happen," said Margarito.

"I never stopped training. I have faith that the opportunity will come again. Pacquiao has a record in defeating the Mexican boxer, and now it is my turn to stop it," he said.

The plan, Margarito will menghadai Pacquiao in the struggle for the vacant title of junior middle class. Margarito is a champion in this class boxing WBC version of the body after defeating Roberto Garcia.
Mey Chan duet friend claimed to have forgotten this in the past hurt. Maia sincerely accept the first trials of the household ever hit with Dhani.

"It was like, if we are given the same test of God, received with legowo aja. If accepted by legowo, God willing, more will be given by God. Alhamdulillah, up to fast now I can walk through, and now may be the same kids. That was a blessing Ramadan an extraordinarily beautiful, "he said.

To plan the next household, Maia was not ready to decide anything. Relationship with Dhani do not want to respond with heroics. Maia was just thinking about her children.

"I still give the same attention the kids. Now I've got my own life at home. I now have the same freedom of children in his house Mas Dhani," she explains.
(Mexican boxer-boxer)

Women Over Sharp Memory

Does your partner often break a promise or forget his own words? It could be proved that the research who called the man's memory was not as good as her right.

Journal Psychological Science published a study conducted by British scientists. Interesting conclusion is that women have a much better memory than men.

The study was conducted by studying the nature of verbal memory thousands of men and women. The result, she is able to remember what has been said to last longer. While men more quickly forget the words ever spoken.

As quoted from page Genius Beauty, the researchers note that women's verbal memory far exceeds the amount of memory in males. This not only occurs in adults, but also in children.

Investigators did not explain the details why. However, memory can be superior to women because the hormone estrogen, which likely come into play.

Children Make Smart Fish Consumption

One myth says, frequently eat so smart. No wonder so many parents become eager to present the processed fish in their baby's daily menu. But, is it true that a myth?

As quoted from the page of Shine, a number of fish containing omega 3 and DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) is beneficial for brain growth. This is very good nutrition for children, mainly aged under five.

"DHA is particularly useful in the first two years of life for brain development, cognition, and visual acuity," says pediatrician Scott W. Cohen, author of Eat, Sleep, Poop: A Common Sense Guide to Your Baby's First Year.

Clinical Studies of Pediatrics, 2008, shows, children under five who have a habit of eating fish has increased vocabulary and a better understanding in communication. The most recommended are salmon.

As for adults, heart-protective role of fish meat. Nutrient content in fish can reduce blood cholesterol, improve the function of blood vessel walls, lowers blood pressure, and prevent blood clotting.

Cohen added, for those who are allergic or do not like fish, omega-3 content in it can be replaced with avocado, walnuts, and canola oil.

Kiss meaning ahmad Dhani

Maia Estianty
Once separated by the feud, eventually Ahmad Dhani and Maia could Estianty gather back together into one family with their three children, Al, El and Dul.

Intimacy and warm atmosphere is depicted as the two celebrated the anniversary events Al and Dul some time ago. Dhani and Maia looked very familiar.

In fact, Dhani also briefly gave Maia kiss on the cheek. Duo Maia frontman is looking a little embarrassed. So, what is the meaning of Maia Dhani kiss?

"Its Allhamdulillah happy, that everything is fine and normal again," he said when met at the number of Lebak Bulus, South Jakarta.

Impact of lack of sleep, at youth

Impact of lack of sleep, at youth
American: Teenagers who sleep less than eight hours tend to have a habit of eating fatty foods and high calorie foods. This causes obesity in adolescence itself, according to the study, published in the Journal Sleep. "
Sleep Deprivation among Adolescent Obesity caused

Unhealthy eating patterns can become bad habits that will lead to weight gain. Susan RedLine thus expressed, directors, senior writer, and professor of sleep medicine at Harvard Medical School - Boston, Wednesday (1 / 9).
Dr.Redline and his colleagues had found that 18% of teenagers who weigh more tend to have a habit of sleeping less than eight hours when compared with adolescents who have a normal weight.

Not getting enough sleep reduces the production of the hormone leptin and ghrelin, which causes one to feel hungry and looking for hunger reduction with high-calorie snacks. This also might explain the relevance of the lack of sleep will give free time to eat snacks that can increase your weight. The study involved 240 teenagers between the ages of 16 to 19 years, carried out by placing the monitor on the wrist and register the food they ate during the previous 24 hours.

Medieval Healthy Diet

London: The history of human origins, which is also apparently plays a key role in health. Since medieval times people have done it in a healthy diet. Eating patterns of people in the century can also be made in reference to dieting.

Dr Iona McCleery, a lecturer in medieval history at Leeds University, England, believes that it could help experts in dealing with obesity. Caroline Yeldham, a historian, revealed apparently eating patterns of people in the Middle Ages most of the grass type foods.

Dr. McCleery said that, in the past, upper class people who risked losing weight. However, today people are less able are more likely to become obese. He explains, "The poor in medieval times is a semi-vegetarian. They could not afford to eat meat. Wealth is also highly correlated with diet."

Friday, September 3, 2010


That this one device plays an Important role in the world of electronic music in terms of its ABILITY to accommodate the need - the need for creation and modification of musicians will of sound. Control aspects of musical sound in terms of voltage regulation to be one factor sintesiser device discovery, a device Which Can be Used to create and Modify sound for applications - applications musical. Among the earliest Were Made in RCA sintesiser 1950s.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

200th Grand Prix, Ducati's Capirossi to

Loris Capirossi
This weekend at Misano, San Marino, Loris Capirossi will undergo the 200th grand prix for 500cc/MotoGP class. At that time, the Italian rider was likely to give a statement that he will return to strengthen the Ducati in the 2011 season.

Capirossi - Ducati rider manufacturer teams from 2003-2007 and then riding the Rizla Suzuki until now - is known and is negotiating with the Italian team. But this time, he'll sit in the saddle Pramac Ducati's satellite squad.

Misano, the last series at home this year for Capirossi, Ducati Pramac and may be an ideal place and time to make an announcement if the deal had occurred. Capirossi also be associated with the LCR Honda.

Oldest Palace in the World

A 5000-year-old palace discovered in eastern Turkey, the oldest palace in the world, will become an open air museum in June, semi-governmental news agency, Anatolia, reported on Thursday. Palace found below ground in Aslantepe tumulus, an ancient settlement in the village Orduzu, Malatya Province, was built in 3300 BC, and the restoration of the palace will be completed in the current year, said Marcella Frangipane, a professor of archeology at the University of La Spienza Italy and chairman excavation team in Aslantepe, Anatolia said.

According to him, the museum will show how an ancient country in Aslantepe began to be built and how the state system is run. He explained that the excavation team had found the ceiling of every room of the palace with a roof to protect the building.

Traces of a temple, a courtroom and the hallways are found in the palace, while the seals were found there which indicates the existence of bureaucracy at the time, Frangipane said. Civilisation ends with a fire, but traces of the palace was very important for humanity, he said.

Black Swan Candidates Golden Lion winner

Venice Film Festival officially opened recently. The world's oldest film festival was started with an introduction to the members of the jury told invited guests that most of the filmmakers and celebrities from various countries.

Directed by Quentin Tarantino too didapuk became chairman of the jury. Oscar-winning director of fame through the film-a suspenseful action movie that will decide who is entitled to reach the top Golden Lion at night, 11 September.

Among the nominated films will reach the highest award in this festival, the Black Swan Aronovsky Dareen work. The drama thriller movie tells the story of a beautiful ballerina. His position is threatened by the emergence of new entrants that are not less beautiful.

Andi Djemma University Become PTN

MAKASSAR - Andi Djemma Palopo University will change its status to a community college in 2011, after the private universities are eligible to change status.

The change of status was made Rector of the University Prof. Dr. H. Andi Djemma Lauddin Marsuni, MH breaking fast together on the Administrators of Family Harmony Kingdom Luwu in Makassar, Thursday.

Indeed there are other requirements that must be met to ensure the University Andi Djemma changed its status to a public university (PTN), among others, have established two new faculties namely public health and nursing faculty.

"We expect two new faculty can be established in the academic year 2010/2011, so that all administrative requirements to become a state university has been fulfilled," said Lauddin.

What Actually Had Done Converter

To know the actual function of this device, of course we have to know beforehand the basic workings of the converter, whether that change digital signals to analog signals and vice versa.
The actual conversion from analog audio into digital data and from digital to analog occurs in a converter chip or chipset. Analog signals to digital converter or AID converter works by capturing analog audio signal and turn it into the figures to represent the signal waveform or waveform and menstabilkanya. The converters measure and separate the waveform into a string - string numerically on bit depth (16bit, 24Bit, etc..) And sample rate (44.100 kHz, 96,

Stoner of Honda's rebuttal

Casey Stoner has denied rumors that he was not focused defensively this season after Ducati certainly leave the Repsol Honda next season.

2010 season could be regarded as one of the worst seasons Stoner in the MotoGP event since 2007. How not to Australian rider has not won once this season.

Stoner's best achievement of this season was second place at Laguna Seca, while in the last race at Indianapolis 2007 MotoGP world champion was unable to complete the race.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Jolie Stop Vegetarian Diet

Many celebrities confess their adherents vegetarians are healthier and durable thin. However, Angelina Jolie claimed the opposite in fact, follow a vegetarian diet makes this sexy star 'nearly killed. "

Electronic Music Technology

Is a Russian named Leo Theremin electronic music That makes the device the first time in 1920, Theremin use interference beats of two oscillators (means of an inverter) to create the tone - tone sine wave or sine-wave tones. Two other electronic music devices are made then the Ondes Martinot (1928) and Trautonium (1930) Also made with The Same design.

Career Trumper and composer Chris Botti

Cristhoper Stephen Botti or Cris Botti was born 12 oktober 1962 American trumpeter and composer. Born in Portland. Oregon and grew up in Corvallis, oregon. In his childhood, his mother Had taught him "to play classical piano. And the other half of his time spent training with his piano teacher.

Although his name is widely Known as a musician / performer contemporary jazz. Chris Botti Trumper initiate Steps to insert Himself in the pop music world. The singer Who is Also a native of this city oregon Pls She started playing music was still stepping on the number ten years. And sitting on the bench During high school he began performing music Professionally. After completing his studies dii Indiana University majoring in Music Program under the direction of a tutor WHO is very exceptional (outstanding) as of Professor Bill Adam and jazz educator David Baker.