Tuesday, May 31, 2011

i-tasik: Free sex and gambling on internet

Currently, Internet become the general community requirement. Using the Internet become commonplace, to obtain information in order to work on their assignments or the job require internet service. And that's not the thing to disputed cause its positive things.
The question is, what if the Internet as a things to search or used as a service to obtain the benefits which the service is directed to Internet users to deviate from rules and social norms that exist in the community. Although the actual use of the Internet in a negative thing has been long and growing quite rapidly and all services are free to access and no restrictions on its use. That is what should be a concern and vigilance of us.
The existence of internet services that are less educate:
  • Online gambling, ranging from online card gambling, gambling to guess the results of sporting events, gambling figures drawn in a time determined by the organizers.
  • Live sex, viewing and interactive with the opposite sex where the video camera service directly with minimal dress and or  no wear even.
  • Cartoons and animation video sex, cartoon films showing scenes that do sex like a man.
  • Adult movie, porn movie, showing scenes of the film like a pair of wives having sex.
  • Video sex artist, video that showing artists who have intercourse with her partner or lover.
  • Nude video artist, video artist show being naked
  • Actress nude photos, photos of nude posing who deliberately disseminated by the artist himself or other that have interests with the artist.
  • Adult stories, stories about sex, porn, vulgar, etc.
The service is a lot easier we meet and internet users free to access. It's become a concern when our children are younger than 18 years accessing live sex services, cartoons and animation video sex, naked video artist, nude photo actress, online gambling, because it will impact on psychology of children in real life, such as promiscuity or free sex.
Of course, anyone who still have a concern on existing norms of the society to make an assessment, monitoring and regulating of the internet services.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Avril Lavigne Smile in 2011

Avril Lavigne Smile in 2011

2011 Avril Lavigne smile be decorate the world music stage. A smile is sown for the loyal fans who always look forward to new albums.
Distinctive sound and appearance of super slang metropolis teen style, Avril Lavigne has become an attraction for music listeners that always waiting for the singer appeared adorn the world music stage.
Avril Lavigne Smile video clips

With her new album "SMILE", Avril has prepared her music videos with the colorful studio background and “SMILEgraffiti, as to say that she had such great happiness. It is caused that Avril Lavigne ”SMILE” album treat for the loyal fans longing.
Avril Lavigne Smile video clips behind the scene

The video clips were uploaded through the famous site YouTube and has been viewed by hundreds of thousands of visitors and the video lyric viewed as many as 28 million visitors, this indicates that both have a great responses, and Avril Lavigne fans will see her performing with her latest single album soon.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Scotty McCreery, winner of American Idol 2011

Scotty McCreery

The best singer American Idol 2011 has been chosen by American society some time ago, and the choice the American people fall for Scotty McCreery who crowned himself as the American Idol season to 10.

Over the last week, McCreery has made his name as a showman enough, attractive influence of the star Garth Brooks. The first singer to learn the guitar at age 10 and often imitating Elvis Presley.
and introduced the first song is "I Love You This Big, a classic song.

to the second position is Lauren Alaina has become another part of this season playing with country music.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Cup Of Coffee

Cup Of Coffee

Have you ever drink coffee? I believe the answer ever.
For some men drink a cup of coffee are common, especially for those who like a cigarette, because it is very appropriate smoking while drinking coffee.

Drinking a cup of coffee can be done while relaxing or perhaps when you are really busy working.
For some people drinking coffee can make people feel refreshed from feeling tired due to his distinctive taste and fragrant smell that caused coffee, as well as friends while relaxing.

For the current coffee trend does not only belong to men but women also have started to like drinking coffee, and sometimes deliberately went to a coffee shop just to enjoy a cup of coffee with a friend or partner while chatting accompanied by the strains of music and laughter that arises intimacy and closeness between them .

So drinking a cup of coffee a lot of benefits. Are you interested to try it ...

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Online Game Point Blank Indonesia

Online Game Point Blank Indonesia

Game point blank Indonesia has entered the 2nd year. This game has many interesting mint gamers since it was launched first.
To start the game, gamers must first register in gemscool.com and fill out the form provided.
The next step in gemscool.com dispersions download the full application, then install your computer and point blank icon appears on the desktop, then log in using the ID registration and password that you input. 
Examples of when the registration ID and password you are Kotatasikmalaya , Tasikmalaya
So you login with the ID and password Kotatasikmalaya Tasikmalaya

For the first play point blank at this stage, you will be prompted to enter the name you want in this game. For example, the name you want is Tasikkota.
So for the next login ID and password Kotatasikmalaya Tasikmalaya and for names in the game is Tasikkota.  Good luck and Go .. go .. go Point Blank.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

To be Avoided Face of Acne

To be Avoided Face of Acne

1. Washing your face 2 times a day
Washing your face 2 times a day will help remove the oil on the surface of our skin. If we are rarely cleaned, the bacteria that cause acne will live abundantly in our faces. But remember .. do not wash face scrub face excessive especially since oil production will actually increase sobaceous which can cause skin problems on the face. Wash your face 2 times a day using a gentle soap.

2. Customize your cosmetics with your skin type.
If your skin is oily then use cosmetics for oily skin, if you use cosmetics that do not fit with your skin type, acne will soon come to your facial skin. So be careful in choosing cosmetics.

3. Avoid oily cosmetics.
Naturally we face will produce oil, even though dry skin. So as much as possible avoid using excessive cosmetic because oil and dust will be a media problem-causing bacteria to settle on our faces.

4. Dry your face with a towel.
Dry your face with a clean towel after washing your face or shower, because the bacteria are also like a moist and warm place.

5. Drink plenty of water.
Almost 70% of our skin consists of water, with drinking water at least 2 liters a day, then our skin will always fit and healthy.

6. Use a skin moisturizer.
Using a moisturizer will help to nourish our skin, especially from dry skin and chaped. But here moisturizer that does not mean that greasy moisturizer .. it's a lot of cosmetic products that are water.

7. Wash face before bed.
Make sure your skin is clean before bed. Always wash your face before bed to regenerate the skin well.

8. Frequently eat vegetables and fruit.
Vegetables contain many vitamins that nourish our skin. Expand eat vegetables or fruit, particularly those containing vitamin E. With a healthy skin, then acne would be difficult to grow and develop.

9. sleep adequate regular
The skin is also just like us, need a break. So get used to a sufficient and regular sleep. Because when we sleep, the skin will regenerate and remove the dangerous toxins so that when we wake up the next day we will re fresh skin.

10. Be careful when using hair oil.
Try not to hit to the face. Cover your face with a towel when using hair oil, hairspray or mousse. When finished bathing, do not forget to re-rinse your face to eliminate the possibility of the former shampoo or conditioner left on the face.

11. Note the hot weather.
Do not let sweat, bacteria and dirt stuck to the face. tie your hair when heat and avoid wearing hats and glasses.

12. Change your diet.
Eating chocolate, sweets and greasy food can change the gesture of your skin. Limit your intake of junk food, get more vitamins and change your lifestyle to be more healthy. regular sleep, and do not let your body hydrated

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Pippa Middleton offered porn movie

A week after pictures his clubbing using the bikini, the sister of Kate Middleton, Pippa Middleton, get an offer to play porn movies for a fee of $ US5, 08 million for one scene.

founder of production house porn, Vivid Entertainment, Steven Hirsch sent a letter to Pippa on May 6. Its contents, woo Pippa to want to undress in front of the camera.

"As far as I noticed, you are the star part of the Royal Wedding recently. When I watch the show, I think that with the beauty and your attitude, you can become a very successful adult star. This week, after seeing your photos of fun in a party, I decided to offer a role in one of our latest film, "Stevens said in his letter to Pippa.
Stevens also reassure Pippa could choose his own man who wants to be opposed to playing in porn movies. So cited Aceshowbiz.

Since Kate Middleton became the wife of Prince William, Kate joined the family public highlighted. Attention people of the world turned to Pippa who became accompanist Kate when she got married in Westminster Abbey, April 29 2011. Pippa bibs are especially odd as he was accompanied by a male bikini circulating in cyberspace last week.

About the photo, according to the Middleton family, photo taken by a friend Pippa, and then sold to the mass media with expensive fees.

"The whole family is very angry. They see it as a betrayal," said a source close to the Middleton family.

Recently reported, the Middleton family managed to stop the circulation of the photos by pressing forografer about photo copyright.

John Camarillo of Zuma Press, a non-American image, saying, "The pictures are withdrawn from circulation. Photos only circulated a few days. The photo was too popular and that is why the photo was withdrawn."