Friday, November 26, 2010

Milan scudetto surely

MILAN - Milan legend Gianni Rivera is optimistic his former club will again rule the Serie A this season. Of course, the phrase is not without reason.

Rossoneri win scudetto last time in 2004 ago, when he was trained to Carlo Ancelotti. After that, look up and down Andrea Pirlo et al.

This season, Milan will fly the signal back to the heyday. Rossoneri now topped the standings with three points advantage over Lazio that stalking in second place.

"Too early to talk Scudetto, but Milan have a good chance," said Rivera, a player who was nicknamed the Golden Boy when he was active on the gridiron.

“Milan berada di atas dan pasti mereka menjadi favorit juara. Menjadi pimpinan klasemen selalu menguntungkan,” tandas Rivera lagi.

“Milan tim yang solid yang diarsiteki dengan baik oleh pelatih Massimiliano Allegri, tapi setiap pertandingan kini menjadi berbahaya,” pungkasnya, sebagaimana dilansir Football Italia, Jumat

Women also enjoyed a supercar.

Sports cars at high speed was not only loved by men. Women are also many who enjoy a supercar.

Recently MSN Autos highlight a number of Hollywood's female celebrities caught on camera driving a supercar. They were seen using a Ferrari, Lamborghini, and Porsche.

Christina Aguilera
Superstar singer Christina Aguilera and her husband, Jordan Bratman, seen driving a Ferrari California in Beverly Hills, California, United States. This photo was taken in early September 2010. They bought this car about 2 billion.

Kim Kardashian
Known for her starring in reality show "Keeping Up with the Kardashians", Kim Kardashian in July last seen was pumping gas at one gas station in the U.S.. He was seen using the SSC Ultimate Aero, supercar that can run 418 km per hour. World's fastest vehicle after the Bugatti Veyron. Kim reportedly had to pay money up to Rp 5, 8 billion to get this car.

Hilary Duff
Star comedy "She Wants Me" has a Lamborghini Murcielago LP640 red steeds for Rp3, 2 billion. Hilary Duff seen recently in Los Angeles.

Katharine McPhee
American Idol runner-up in 2006 this has been successful as the U.S. pop singer. Not surprisingly, the Aston Martin V8 Vantage at Rp1, 2 billion, he could buy. One time he was seen posing on the white side of Aston Martin.

Kate Walsh
Star television drama Grey's Anatomy these photographers caught refueling in Los Angeles. Kate Walsh looks at the next Porsche 911 Carrera 2 S.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Victoria Beckham's car collection

Victoria Beckham seen some time ago was watching her two children who were practicing football in Los Angeles, United States. Former Spice Girls are waiting on top of his black Jaguar.

Jaguar is one of David Beckham's luxury car collection. So far, Beckham is known as a soccer player who like collecting luxury cars. A series of car supermahal he has, like Ferrari, Lamborghini, Aston Martin, Porsche, and Hummer.

Even Beckham also has a collection of the Lincoln Navigator, Cadillac Escalade, and the Bentley Continental GTC. He also has the New Range Rover Evoque.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Sake Festival

Osaka- Sake, a Japanese alcoholic drink derived from fermented rice, presented in Sake Festival in Osaka, Thursday (11/11). More than 200 types and brands of sake from the Osaka region and outside this region, displayed in an event has been held several times that.

As reported by NHK News Agency, about 150 people in attendance to act as jurors, at least 204 brands of sake tasting. The event was held to give the visitors to try their product. This event also helps raise the standard of the national sake brewing.

Osaka Regional Taxation Bureau, sponsor of this year's event, said most of last year's results are very good sake. This is because the weather was friendly in Japan. Therefore, the crafters of sake can produce high-quality rice used in sake production.

One of the crafters of sake to say, this time sake makers face a difficult market situation. Japan's population turned to drink alcohol is cheaper. However, the crafters of sake to keep working hard to produce the best sake

Sebastian Vettel, the new F1 world champion

Abu Dhabi - Vettel. 23 years, set aside three other strong rival Fernando Alonso, Mark Webber and Lewis Hamilton.

Vettel actually ranked third in the standings before the grand prix this cover.

But by acquiring a leading position in Dubai and the hasi-rivals in the race results on Sunday favorable position, Vettel has the right to be the youngest world champion in the history of F1 racing.

In a race in Abu Dhabi circuit, standings leader Fernando Alonso of ordering Ferrari finish in seventh, while the other drivers for Red Bull's Mark Webber at number eight.

McLaren drivers Lewis Hamilton, a slim chance to win the world title, broke through the finish in second place followed by team-mate driver, Jenson Button in third.

Alonso arrived at the Yas Marina Circuit as Pamuncak in klasemene while armed with 246 points, or eight points in atasWebber, 15 above 24 above Vettel and Hamilton.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Hilary Duff Launches Book of Love

Los Angeles: Actress and singer Hilary Duff has reportedly launched a book titled Elixir that tell the romantic love, recently.

So Yesterday 'singer has also admitted it's easy to write a romantic scene. He was inspired by my dear husband who is also a Canadian ice hockey player, Mike Comrie.

On the show Today Show, Hilary said: "I am very fortunate and grateful for everything. I really like the romantic scenes in this book, because it's the most interesting to write about. This book tells of a girl for the first time fell in love."

Previously, the 23-year-old singer was also promoting his latest book through the official Twitter account hers. He also claimed to feel addicted to air-tweet ria in these micro-blogging site.

Hunting on Book Festival

Tokyo: The longer and more old books, the more sought after and coveted the collector of old books. Here's a look at Used Book Festival held at the District Kanda, Tokyo City, Japan, recently.

Books are sold at this annual festival was diverse. Start a book that is very rare because it has been discontinued until a new book available in stores. Although the current e-books and Kindle has ruled the younger generation, conventional books seem to remain popular. Proof, about 30 thousand people visited the Festival of the used book sales.

a bookseller, said: "This is no longer just a search for the book, but this is a way of life." according to 71-year-old man was an employee at the store Bumpodo stationers, which has stood since 1887. From generation to generation, his family came to this place to just browse or search for books they are looking for.

Singapore, build MotoGP Circuit in Changi

Singapore is leading the way to become one of the host MotoGP race of 2012. Their efforts seem to be running smoothly.

MotoGP boss Carmelo Ezpeleta revealed that Singapore could enter in calendar 2012. This statement came out after he visited the country last month.

Currently, Singapore is building the track as far as 4 kilometers at Changi Motorsports. The plan will hold a race track was the first time in April 2012.

"Happily I can tell you if everything goes smoothly when we come to Singapore. After the FIM (Federation of Motorsport) approved the track conditions, we can start talking to host MotoGP," said Ezpeleta told the Today newspaper.

This month the Chief of the FIM Road Racing Claude Danis will come to Singapore. He will see the condition of the track for later release, or not issued, the consent about the feasibility of these trajectories. Development trajectory is spending $ 250 million. Not clear if that figure in Singapore dollars or U.S. dollars.

Maldini: Ancelotti Assistant Candidate at Chelsea

Chelsea had just lost an assistant coach Ray Wilkins after the contract was not renewed, Thursday, November 11, 2010. Several names have been linked with Chelsea, or even with manager Carlo Ancelotti started popping up.

One of them is the name of Paolo Maldini, AC Milan living legend who had worked with for nearly ten years Ancelotti at Milan. As reported by The Chels Net, Maldini name entered with Gustavo Poyet, Roberto at Matteo and Gianfranco Zola.

The three names mentioned above have defended the Blues. Starting from Poyet in the era of 1997-2001, the Matteo in the era of 1996-2002, and Zola in the years 1996-2003. Zola has even existed as manager of West Ham United, the club which also originated from the same town with Chelsea, London.

Back to Maldini, a former Milan player has been retired since 2009. All his life, the son of Cesare Maldini is Milan's only defending it from 1985 and pocketed the collection of 647 games with 29 goals.

Name the four people above are considered worthy of replacing Wilkins who survive in the Blues under several different managers. Starting from the era of Gianluca Vialli to Ancelotti.

"On behalf of everyone at the club, I would like to thank Ray for all he had done to Chelsea Football Club. We pray for the best for her in the future," said Chief Executive Ron Gourlay.

Stamina Reduced After Prostate Cancer Treatment

Sydney: survival instinct of every person. All kinds of ways have been undertaken in order to obtain good health and performance. However, a recent study showed differences in contrast between the performance and health. As quoted from a site, mention the five-year study of prostate cancer patients lose the passion and enthusiasm to make love just after treatment.

David Smith, lead investigator of the Cancer Centre of New South Wales, Australia, said stamina decreases or impotence is a common side effect of prostate cancer treatment, along with incontinence. "Our research shows the new impotence seen in the patient after five years of conventional prostate cancer treatment, with the exception of low-dose brachytherapy," he said.

One of the treatment known as androgen deficiency therapy showed 94 percent of patients felt less stamina in the next two years. And increased to 97 percent after five years. Saving neurosurgical yield increases slightly, but only patients with low-dose rate brachytherapy impotence is lower, 38 percent of patients after two years. Then increased to 43 percent after five years. Treatment of radical prostatectomy and external beam therapy, or a combination of two medications, causing impotence problem for 70 to 80 percent of patients over the years.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Green Tea Not Proven Can Prevent Breast Cancer

Content antioxidants in green tea have long been known to prevent the growth of cancer cells. However, recent research in Japan shows no relationship at all between green tea consumption with risk of breast cancer.

Several previous studies mentioned that green tea consumption may help protect women from breast cancer. This is because the content of polyphenol compounds contained in green tea can indeed protect against breast cancer.

Polyphenols belong to a powerful antioxidant. This compound will neutralize free radicals that cause cancer. However, recent large-scale study in Japan showed different findings. Drinking green tea have absolutely no relation with breast health. These findings were published online in the October 28 edition of the journal Breast Cancer Research.

"We found no overall relationship between green tea intake and breast cancer risk among Japanese women who used to drink green tea," said study leader, Dr MOTOKI Iwasaki, from the epidemiology and prevention at the Research Center for Cancer Prevention and Screening of the National Cancer Center in Tokyo, Japan.

"Our findings suggest that consumption of green tea is drunk regularly is not possible to reduce the risk of someone suffering from breast cancer," he said as quoted by page

For this study, Iwasaki team members collected data from 53,793 women who were surveyed between 1995 and 1998. They ask the question how many of the participants are consuming green tea.

This question was given at the beginning of the study and submitted back five years later. During the second survey, the researchers also asked about the two kinds of green tea Sencha and Bancha / Genmaicha.

Researchers noted, among women, approximately 12% of them consume less than one cup of green tea a week. While the other 27% drank five or more cups a day.

This study also included female respondents who drank more than 10 cups a day. For nearly 14 years monitored, 350 women from the study participants had breast cancer.

However, the researchers found no association between green tea and the risk of breast cancer. In the study, Iwasaki said that one strength of this research is already enactment of goals to be achieved so that the number of participants to information collected before diagnosis of breast cancer.

"So avoid the bias that is usually inherent in research that uses case study method," he said.

Dr. Stephanie Bernik, breast cancer surgeon at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York City, United States, said it was difficult to say that there is no benefit at all from consuming green tea.

"Maybe there is no benefit, specifically for breast cancer," he said.

Bernik noted that many women who have breast cancer are interested in alternative medicine when medical treatment from the West can not heal.

"We always seek further knowledge about how to treat breast cancer and reduce the incidence of breast cancer," he said.

"Women definitely interested in what way they can have a healthy lifestyle," continued Bernik.

Jennifer J Hu, a professor of epidemiology and public health at the University of Miami School of Medicine's Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center, United States, adding that the problem with the study of population-based is that when you try to see one single factor, you will not take into account the risk factors Another conclusion that can affect research.

"Also, just by drinking green tea, you do not get enough of the way (possibly compound to fight cancer) to make much difference," he said.

Based on these problems, Hu did not think that this research is to answer the question whether or not green tea may help someone prevent breast cancer.

Breast cancer deserve to be regarded as a frightening disease for a woman. In the world, breast cancer is the second largest cause of death after lung cancer, followed by colon cancer.

While in Indonesia, the number of patients with breast cancer ranked second only to cervical cancer (cervical). The high number of cases of suspected breast cancer because women are less aware of breast changes that often causes breast cancer is detected at an advanced stage.

In fact, early detection and increased vigilance along the appropriate treatment is believed to reduce the number of deaths due to breast cancer.

Specific causes of breast cancer is still unknown. However, there are many factors that are estimated to have an influence on the occurrence of breast cancer. Among family history, menstruation or menopause too young at the age of 50 years, gave birth to their first child over the age of 35 years, diets with excessive fat consumption, obesity, excessive alcohol consumption, stress, genetic factors, and others.

Robert Pattinson, Reject So Burberry Icons

Success became famous actor makes a handsome actor Robert Pattinson getting job offers flooded. Ogled his handsome face many to be the iconic fashion house famous. Even so, it is less tempting for Robert. He refused to be a model of a famous label. What reason was?

According to recent reports, the star of "Twilight Saga" has rejected the offer to be an icon famous fashion house Burberry. Though the value of the contract offered to him is not small. Achieve fantastic figure to 1 billion pounds. Thus was launched Sunday Mirror, Tuesday (11/09/2010).

Regarding the reasons for refusal as the product icon, renowned, dodging Robert because he's not a model, but the actor with the blood of art that have been flowing in his body.

"Burberry designer Christopher and a team desperate to persuade Robert became icons in their new campaign ad. Because it will bring benefits to all their stores around the world," said one source.

Although rejected by fine, the decision was disappointing boss's top fashion houses it. Where is the last star's iconic fashion house is cast Hermione in "Harry Potter", Emma Watson.

"They want Robert, but he politely declined. So far, Robert thinks that he is an actor and not interested in starting a icon or the like," he said.

Honda tests, Stoner Feeling Comfortable

Valencia - Casey Stoner for the first time Repsol Honda motorcycle test. Former Ducati star comfortable with the RC212V motor.

Stoner failed to become the fastest racer in the first practice session in Valencia today. Former world champion should recognize the benefits of defending champion Jorge Lorenzo who became the fastest. But Stoner was pleased with the performance of the machine RC212V machine.

"I feel very good day. I was disappointed not to finish the session in full because of the weather, but we look pretty good this afternoon, "said Stoner.

"It's fun waiting a few days to wait to use this bike and then waiting again for tomorrow morning. An incredible experience back to Honda, I feel very happy, "said racer from Australia.

In the trial this time, Stoner used the chassis used in the 2011 season his team colleague Dani Pedrosa before the 2010 season ended. Drivers 25 years to feel comfortable riding motorcycles for 44 rounds.

"We've worked with a variety of different things, but it is done to find the rhythm of the race was like finding a sitting position and the brake lever," said Stoner reported on Wednesday (11/10/2010).

"Today is extraordinary. Tomorrow, we'll do some things again and try it in the next test session, "said drivers who use Australian motifs on Honda motorcycles.

“Hari ini sangat luar biasa. Besok, kami akan mengerjakan beberapa hal lagi dan mencobanya dalam sesi tes berikutnya,” tandas pembalap yang menggunakan motif Australia pada motor Honda.

Monday, November 8, 2010

T iger Woods eyeing Australian Masters Champion

Canberra: professional golfer Tiger Woods revealed that he was very excited about returning to compete in the annual Australian Masters golf tournament. Before the match, Woods likely will visit the Victoria Golf Club, venue for the match.

Woods won the same tournament last year. "Last year it was really fun. I look forward to returning to the place," he said as quoted by Australian Associated Press on Friday (5 / 11). "This week I'm always talking about this tournament with my caddy (Steve Williams)," added Woods.

Australian Masters tournament this year was held on November 11 to 14 next at The Victoria Golf Club in Melbourne. Tiger Woods will compete with other world golfers like Sergio Garcia of Spain and Geoff Ogilvy

Saturday, November 6, 2010

MU Beat Wolverhampton

Manchester United (MU), the eleventh week finally returned to pick three points when entertaining guests Wolverhampton Wanderers at Old Trafford Stadium, Saturday, November 6, 2010. Final score 2-1 to Manchester United victory.

The hosts ahead at half-tops. The Red Devils goals scored by Park Ji-Sung at minute 45.

Entering the second half, Manchester United who appear confident to launch direct pressure in the second half of this. But while engrossed nestle, through counter-attack scheme for the visitors finally able to score a goal in the 66th minute.

Wolverhampton goals scored by Sylvan Ebanks-Blake. Through the chaos in front of goal, Blake newly signed to replace Stephen Hunt in the 64th minute, immediately thrusting the ball flat that is not dammed by goalkeeper Edwin van der Sar. Score changed to 1-1.

Wolverhampton that is able to equalize the score directly membuar MU stung. Pressure by the pressure continues to be done by a player Sir Alex Ferguson.

In the middle of the second half, Ferguson changed the game by entering Federico Macheda and Paul Scholes. The entry of two players directly change the rhythm of the MU game.

Supporters of the host that lost faith with the achievement of one point was finally able to go home with a sigh of relief. When the game entered the third minute of injury time, Park Ji-Sung scored again. This goal occurs through the action of individuals after passing Wolverhampton four players in the penalty box. A score of 2-1 persisted until the game finally ended.

Wolves manager Mick McCarthy on the sidelines looking very upset. Because the points one who is in sight vanished. Draw at home to teams like Manchester United for Wolves that currently exist in the relegation zone failed to grasp.