Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Ways to Stop Whining Child

Children who whine sometimes make parents upset and react spontaneously. There are also parents who feel guilty if the kids whine. And to end it all the way done, but has not been too successful. If the whining of children is a problem, it helps parents avoid overreaction and invite children to communicate.

According to pediatrician Cathryn Tobin, who launched Parenting Today, Tuesday (25 / 1), whatever the reason whining is not the best thing. As the child's parents should stop whining because it will remind you what to do than to react immediately. Also, do not answer the complaint until you feel calm.

"Ask yourself, what would I do, positive or negative \? One way to be prepared, I prefer to respond to the whining child by saying, I will discuss this matter with you boy if asked without a whimper," he said.

"I tend to feel guilty when I say 'no' to my children. To help me to be assertive, I remind myself that it was for the sake of my children to hear the word no," he added.

According to members of the Canadian Pediatric Society, if the kids whine, parents should communicate to the child. If you always obeyed, it will be whining that will be hard to change habits. "I suggest you ask him, how can I help you quit whining \?" And believe in the ability of the child to make positive changes, "he explained.

Tobin also gave a tip end to the whining that is part of the problem. "At the same time parents need to teach children in ways that more effective in communicating with us and with others," he said.

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