Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Nude poses Christina Aguilera

Do not want to miss with a number of Hollywood celebrities who show off the body in the magazine, Christina Aguilera did the same thing. Slim body graced a leading magazine in the United States.

Aguilera appeared nude in the magazine. The chest is only covered in a white silk and a bunch of red roses to cover certain parts of his body. She posed with her ​​blond hair let loose in the magazine 'W'.

As quoted by the Daily Mail, Aguilera svelte appearance that adorned the cover of the magazine surprised the public. There, she looked very slim. Aguilera is struggling to reduce body weight in order to obtain the ideal body.

However, many suspect, her slender form was due to the light and intelligence as well as the photographer takes a picture.

Past year, Aguilera's musical career decline coupled with the drama of his personal life, where households are developing cracks and end up in divorce.

However, in that particular interview, Aguilera did not want to give in to circumstances. He tried to get up and turn things around. Endeavors to fruition. He released his new album. Slowly, her name began to shine again. He also became one of the judges in a reality show 'The Voice' in the United States.

Currently, he is ready to face his future. He hopes the new spirit in his life would be a source of strength.

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