Thursday, November 11, 2010

Hunting on Book Festival

Tokyo: The longer and more old books, the more sought after and coveted the collector of old books. Here's a look at Used Book Festival held at the District Kanda, Tokyo City, Japan, recently.

Books are sold at this annual festival was diverse. Start a book that is very rare because it has been discontinued until a new book available in stores. Although the current e-books and Kindle has ruled the younger generation, conventional books seem to remain popular. Proof, about 30 thousand people visited the Festival of the used book sales.

a bookseller, said: "This is no longer just a search for the book, but this is a way of life." according to 71-year-old man was an employee at the store Bumpodo stationers, which has stood since 1887. From generation to generation, his family came to this place to just browse or search for books they are looking for.

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