Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Robert Pattinson, Reject So Burberry Icons

Success became famous actor makes a handsome actor Robert Pattinson getting job offers flooded. Ogled his handsome face many to be the iconic fashion house famous. Even so, it is less tempting for Robert. He refused to be a model of a famous label. What reason was?

According to recent reports, the star of "Twilight Saga" has rejected the offer to be an icon famous fashion house Burberry. Though the value of the contract offered to him is not small. Achieve fantastic figure to 1 billion pounds. Thus was launched Sunday Mirror, Tuesday (11/09/2010).

Regarding the reasons for refusal as the product icon, renowned, dodging Robert because he's not a model, but the actor with the blood of art that have been flowing in his body.

"Burberry designer Christopher and a team desperate to persuade Robert became icons in their new campaign ad. Because it will bring benefits to all their stores around the world," said one source.

Although rejected by fine, the decision was disappointing boss's top fashion houses it. Where is the last star's iconic fashion house is cast Hermione in "Harry Potter", Emma Watson.

"They want Robert, but he politely declined. So far, Robert thinks that he is an actor and not interested in starting a icon or the like," he said.

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