Sunday, November 14, 2010

Sake Festival

Osaka- Sake, a Japanese alcoholic drink derived from fermented rice, presented in Sake Festival in Osaka, Thursday (11/11). More than 200 types and brands of sake from the Osaka region and outside this region, displayed in an event has been held several times that.

As reported by NHK News Agency, about 150 people in attendance to act as jurors, at least 204 brands of sake tasting. The event was held to give the visitors to try their product. This event also helps raise the standard of the national sake brewing.

Osaka Regional Taxation Bureau, sponsor of this year's event, said most of last year's results are very good sake. This is because the weather was friendly in Japan. Therefore, the crafters of sake can produce high-quality rice used in sake production.

One of the crafters of sake to say, this time sake makers face a difficult market situation. Japan's population turned to drink alcohol is cheaper. However, the crafters of sake to keep working hard to produce the best sake

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