Friday, December 10, 2010

Yoga Helps Improve Sex Life Couples

EXCEPT useful for treating various diseases, weight loss, mental health, increase positive mood, yoga also has other benefits. Namely improving the sexual life of couples.

A research states that women who experience dissatisfaction in sexual relationships and practice the techniques from the east is reported to have improvement in desire and orgasm. For men, yoga effectively cope with premature ejaculation.

According to Linda Sontag in her book "Tafsir Kama Sutra", yoga allows one to release the personal anxieties and leave the burden of everyday life. Yoga also strengthens and turn on the body by improving the working muscles and joints.

Yoga can help improve the sex because it was difficult to sex with a partner, if one of the pair were strained or not concentrating. Because before having sex, of course you both need concentration and a touch of self.

Not only that, yoga also can help you to relax. Often feel tense without knowing it, even when standing too rigid in bed, feeling uncomfortable while asleep, the ear continues to hear the clock ticking on the wall, then try to tense and relax the muscles to see how you hold yourself with yoga.

Physical relaxation brings a feeling of comfort, as well as freedom from pain and aches. But yoga gives you more than that. As you continue to practice it, yoga brings a sense of calm that you and your partner need, enabling you both to remain strong in tension of everyday life.

Yoga movement is generally slow and graceful, never destructive. After passing through a yoga session, you will feel relaxed and full of energy, do not feel fatigue, or even tense.

Regulated deep breathing is very important to help you move with care. Do not force yourself to do anything that is uncomfortable or painful.


  1. Yoga is good. I love Yoga.
    I have practice Yoga for three months, it has not only improved my back problems and aching joints, but it also improved the sex lives, stronger sex drive, better erection and orgasm.