Thursday, December 9, 2010

McLaren Prepare New Innovation 'Jet Land'

Formula One (F1) last season, McLaren spawned innovation in MP4-25 car that had become controversial. F-duct system or air exhaust system McLaren once considered to violate the rules.

Although the cause polemics, but new innovation is a direct McLaren busy-busy other teams emulated. And the team nicknamed the Silver Arrows seem addicted to re-create new innovation in car racing next year, the MP4-26.

The concept of design innovation 'pole position' McLaren is being deliberated at its headquarters located in Woking, England. But until now, stronghold McLaren is still not willing to provide details of new innovations that will be implemented in next season's racing car.

Tim Goss who was given the task of leading the McLaren racing car manufacturers still consider many of the crevices of the rules of F1 which is still to be penetrated for a radical innovation.

"(Innovation) It looks very nice. But we can not say much at this time. But Doug (McKiernan, head of aerodimanis) and his team have created the platform for cars aerodynamics and looks good," said Goss told Autosport.

"There will always be room in the regulation to innovate and make the car champion. F-duct is a gray area and we actually have exploited the rules," added Gross.

Gross and McKiernan is known as brain McLaren innovation. Genius both also recently evidenced by the receipt of Autosport award for the category pioneer and innovation in Formula One.

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