Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Prince William Engagement

Cousin of Prince Charles spoke at the public if Prince William had been engaged to a woman pilhannya is Kate Middleton. Prince Julius Eduard von Anhalt, as well as a duke of Saxe said, that the couple will soon announce news on their official engagement this fall and will be married in July next year, as quoted from, Sunday (22 / 8 ).

but he (the prince) did not specify the exact date when Julius British prince will marry. He also did not want to show the son of Prince Charles's wedding invitation. A German tabloid newspaper, Das Neue Blatt, assuming that the marriage might be held on July 2 next year, like the Prince's wedding to Prince Cahrles Cahrles.

Prince Eduard, a distant cousin of Prince Charles who often comment on matters relating to the kingdoms in Europe, he also commented that a grandson of Queen Elisabeth II. "She seemed to put pressure on Williams: We were married or separated No pressure anybody. And the possibility of an engagement arranged this autumn, where the wedding itself will be held next July," he said.

But sources close to the prince 28 years does not justify those two words. "They do not know what they are talking about Prince William. It is not even listening to them. Involvement is just still not sure," he said.

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