Tuesday, August 24, 2010

CMnet, Social Networking Works Indonesian Muslim

CMnet, Social Networking Works Indonesian Muslim

Social networking pages claim Muslim homeland, CMnet become popular since the introduction last August 6. CMnet which is located www.cybermoslem.net Indonesian local social networks like Facebook and Twitter operation. The difference, CMnet developed system based on open source.

"CMnet have been capturing more than 3700 members who are not only from Indonesia but from the U.S., Malaysia, Hong Kong, Egypt, Kuwait and some European countries," says founder Cmnet, Dolla Indra. Dolla claims he made the page has been visited 8.5 million times.
Because of the popularity continued to rise, this page is often the target of hackers. Dolla confess, until now has been attacked by hackers CMnet 5,000 times. Even this page can not be accessed due to hacker attacks.
Therefore, Dolla continue to update the system so as to fortify CMnet from hacker attacks and make it more powerful and stable. Dolla also hoped the Indonesian government willing to develop CMnet as web-based applications in Indonesia.

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