Tuesday, August 24, 2010

David Beckham's U.S. Football League Salary Expensive

Los Angeles Galaxy Beckham contacted the club, these players listed himself as a top player with a salary more of 6.5 million dollars per year.
Although in a state of injury, David Beckham, the top ranked Major League Soccer payroll America, followed by foreign entrants recently from France, Thierry Henry and Rafael Marquez from Mexico.

Beckham, who never played for the Los Angeles Galaxy this season with a foot injury, finishing in the top league with a salary of 6.5 million dollars.
David Beckham

According to the latest list of MLS salaries Union players, Henry and Marquez, who joined the New York Red Bulls from Barcelona after the World Cup, are second and third players in the league's highest paid.

Henry, winner of the World Cup and European Championship winner with France and the Champions League with Barcelona, will be income 5.6 million dollars in guaranteed compensation this year.
Was ranked fourth on the list was a fellow team in Los Angeles, Beckham, Landon Donovan. Top scorer U.S. national team that received 2.13 million dollars this season.

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