Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Fraud success guise Facebook

Average spam campaign success guise Facebook reaches 47 percent. That is, almost half the users see spam titled Facebook clicking on the link to find out more.
The discovery was disclosed a security advisory from antivirus company F-Secure, Sean Sullivan. Some time later he had researched about the spam-related social networking.
As quoted from InformationWeek, August 25, 2010, the last two spam campaigns on Facebook, both involve 'McDonald' use link to its spread.

From the statistics collected Sullivan, noted that the campaign is totally spam reaching 32 thousand clicks and get 15 thousand total success 'likes' in the social networking site. "In terms of conversion rate of clicks to be like, one of the links had an average of 40 percent, and other links have about 48 percent," said Sullivan.

For spam measure, Sullivan said the figures are 40 percent success rate is very good. "Much better than the usual percentage of the success of spam emails," he said.

"The good news, though spam is still circulating on Facebook, now fewer and fewer users who were deceived," said Sullivan. "After much deceived, users began to realize that the links on Facebook is spam," he said.

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