Sunday, August 29, 2010

Sinabung Mountains

Sinabung Mountains erupted, in Tanah Karo, North Sumatra, resulting in a displaced community continues to grow. On Sunday (29 / 8) afternoon, the North Sumatra provincial government to get data on the number of refugees reached 10 thousand inhabitants.

"Says Head of Communications and Information Agency of North Sumatra provincial government, Eddy Syofian, his opinion, the total population residing in area Sinabung reached 26 000 inhabitants from 20 villages. Eddy said, the provincial government asked residents to flee to the nearest area with a radius of six kilometers.

Total, counting Sunday night. Refugee Response Coordinator in Tanah Karo, Patience Perangin-wind, mention up to this evening the number of refugees has reached 16 800 inhabitants.

Those who fled the average citizens who are domiciled from District Naman Teran, District Umbrella, Simpang District Four and District Tiganderket. "Yes probably continue to grow because there is no certainty of when to stop fog volcanology expert," said Patience.

The refugees are divided in several areas. "Kabanjahe, Berastagi, Tigabinanga and Singamanik," said Patience. In fact, he continued, informed citizens are also leaving Tanah Karo. "The information there is to Langkat," said Patience.

The condition of refugees, said Patience still looks stable. "Nothing has been hospitalized. Because there are refugee doctors in each post, "he said.

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