Friday, August 27, 2010

Phone Direct Through Gmail

San Francisco, Google Inc. finally launched a service that allows to make calls to the phone directly from the e-mail account. With the existence of this service, Google is ready to compete with Skype site that provides similar services, both traditional operators like AT & T Inc. and Verizon Communications.

This service has been tried since Wednesday (08/25/2010). From Gmail account users can make phone calls to home and mobile phones for free until the end of this year for the U.S. and Canada, and that super-low fare to the phone to another country.

For example, if a user wants to call to England, Germany, China, France, and Japan, it cost only 2 cents U.S. per minute.
Analysts said that this service will become a bigger threat for Skype other than the traditional operators. The reason, traditional operators have started to slash costs to compete with-halo berhalo recent years.

"This is a threat to Skype. (Gmail) is the trademark of a competitor with a very good," said Rethemeier Todd.
Like the Skype, among users in the U.S., Google will become more popular for overseas calls than for domestic calls.

"Currently, the cost of the phone is cheap, and I'm not sure this service will suck up the interest to the domestic call," said Rethemeier.

Meanwhile, another analyst, Steve Clement of Pacific Crest, said that any user who uses a phone service via the Internet, is likely to cut their landline connection.

"This type of user who likes to use services like Skype and Gmail users are usually not the type of consumer who is still connected with a home phone or a landline," said Clement.

Service provided by Google is very simple and use the phone like a regular house, ie the user clicks on a list of phone call options on the left side chat friends Gmail account, and write down phone numbers or enter the contact name to call.

Talks grind will fare quoted from the online account that can top up by credit card. It's just that Google does not wait on this service via mobile phone. Dus, only through the computer.

With the addition of this service, Google stock closed with a recorded increase of 3.23 U.S. dollars, or 0.72 percent to 454.62 U.S. dollars on Nasdaq on Wednesday (08/25).

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