Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Miss Universe 2010 Crown

Miss Universe 2010 crown fell to Jimena Navarrete, 22 years old. He comes Mexico. The girl from Guadalajara won the title Monday night in Las Vegas, beating contestants from over 80 countries and managed to become the prettiest of the 82 participants, including contestants from Indonesia, Qory Sandioriva.

Jimena Navarrete

Navarrete is a winner of 59 races that are directly broadcast to millions of viewers around the world. Finalists for the final round included contestants from Jamaica, Australia, Ukraine and the Philippines.
This victory was to replace the throne of Venezuela, which has won two kontestannya Miss Universe earlier.

Rima Fakih Miss USA, Miss USA winner who is Muslim first, knocked out before entering the semi-final. Fakih has invited controversy before the contest begins Monday night with her pose topless for the Miss Universe competition is. No fewer than 10 contestants posing topless for this event, and none of it successful through the 10 large.

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