Saturday, August 28, 2010

Julia Roberts movie blessing to Bali

Julia Roberts' latest film, Eat, Pray, Love (EPL), considered a potential as a vehicle to attract more foreign tourists visiting Bali.

"We take this moment (the film launching EPL) to further promote Bali to the international world," said Director General of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism Marketing (Kemenbudpar), Sapta Nirwandar, in Jakarta, Monday (23/08).

He said the filming location of EPL is one of them took place in Bali should be a moment of tourism promotion in Bali and Indonesia generally indirectly to the international world.

Moreover, the gala premiere of EPL for Movies held in the United States (U.S.) some time ago some success and watched by millions of movie lovers in the country. "We are attending the Premier Gala event in the U.S. and we see it succeed," he said.

It will start offering a world class filming locations other than Bali, which is scattered in various corners of Indonesia. "We offer world-class filmmaker shooting a movie where the world scale," he said.

Last year, the institute had met with the Film Producers EPL in Bali and offered it. Even the Minister of Culture and Tourism (Menbudpar), Jero Wacik, on occasion, offer shooting locations include Sumbawa, which is perfect for cowboy-themed movie.

Not only that there are still many other places in Indonesia are very suitable as a world class film location shooting. It met the film producer EPL Stein Wlodkowski and listen to their opinions on Bali.

According, Wlodkowski and his crew who came late in 2009, they were very impressed with Indonesia, especially Bali, judged as the most romantic places in the world.

It to express my thanks for the support Wlodkowski and his crew to shoot a film with Oscar-winning star, Julia Roberts, in Bali.

According to Seven, the film will be a very effective means to introduce the culture of Bali to the world, while stimulating the desire of people to visit Bali.

He argues, the film is one of the means to introduce to the world of nature and culture, thereby increasing appreciation of the world to Indonesia, especially Bali.

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