Sunday, August 29, 2010

Motorcycles & Laptops disappear by a new friend on Facebook,

If not careful, Facebook can bring disaster, as happened to Dina Puspita.

SURABAYA - Dina Puspita (20) do not learn from previous events. He is still possible to be deceived by the new people he knew through Facebook. Seduction for seduction, Dina willing to let go of the Motorcycles L JJ 5743 along with his wallet containing important papers are stored under the seat of the motor. Also a laptop!

The man who was known Dina, is already worthy of being a father. She was 52 years old! "He admitted that he called ADM, the resident Nginden, Surabaya," said Zoe. "I knew some time ago by Facebook," he added.

Since then, they often communicate via Facebook or mobile phone. Then they promise to meet and a trip to Madura to see the bridge Suramadu by riding a motorcycle owned by Dina.

After enjoying the beauty of the bridge Suramadu, ADM Dina invites the streets to Bangkalan, the reason to search for food. Arriving in front of supermarkets in Bangkalan, ADM asked Dina down to buy cigarettes. Without suspicion, Dina meet the demand of human resources.
"After I came out of the supermarket, the ADM is not there," Dina's story.

The letters are the bike under the seat. Dina laptops brought from home was also taken away. Dina distraught, he could only report the incident to police Bangkalan

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