Wednesday, August 25, 2010

British Spy Found Killed

A British spy was found dead in the bathroom apartment located a few hundred yards from the headquarters
M16, the British intelligence agency. Agent's body was found stuffed in a large gym bag.

In the room of this apartment is found defective. Namely, cellular telephone SIM victim and his gift collection appears to have dismantled carefully. The agent
lives in central London, where house prices could reach more than one million pounds.

Victim believed to work as a communications officer in the "post supervision of the government" GCHQ in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire. But he also believed to work at the headquarters of the M16, the British Secret Intelligence Agency, near his apartment. M16 gather information about foreign enemies of England and spying that targets suspected terrorists.

According to neighbors, the victim - believed to graduates of Cambridge University with a doctorate in mathematics - described as a friendly person and a hobby of cycling.

"He was very friendly and have a good personality. She will not even bear to hurt a fly. He's always cycling and rarely visited by friends. Sometimes we can hear the humming of the tape from her apartment bedroom. It must be used for audio cassettes work. He never told me what he was doing, "said the victim's apartment manager.

Currently, this case is being investigated by the police. Last spy who died in the mainland United Kingdom is a former agent of the security agencies of the Russian Federation, Alexander Litvinenko. In November 2006, Litvinenko was murdered using Polonium-210 poisoning. (Dailymail / Yus)

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