Sunday, October 17, 2010

Acer Stream, New Options Android Macho

JAKARTA, Android-based smartphone market is growing rapidly make handset vendors competing to release a variety of models. However, Android smartphone option is unique because many are performed with the model of rigid, square, and stiffly impressed.

So, Acer is also confident that the product release comes with such an impression on the male model named Acer Stream. Previously, Taiwanese vendors who recently entered the smartphone business, had already released the Android model that "stylish" and Acer Liquid E edition Ferrari.

"If Liquid E of the design more fancy, more friendly. If that is the term for users who are geeks, more macho," Husen said Halim, Consumer Brand Manager Acer Indonesia today introduced the Acer smartphone Stream in Jakarta on Thursday (10/14/2010 .)

In terms of form, Acer Stream did glance similar to the flagship Android smartphone made by other vendors such as HTC and Motorola. The black color with metal casing makes it increasingly feels solid. Screen size is quite wide by 3.7 inches and uses AMOLED presents clear images with a contrast ratio up to 10,000:1.

"Processor 1 GHz is the highest in the market today, yet there is a higher rate. Using Qualcomm's Snapdragon," said Husen. Android operating system 2.1 or Eclair and can be upgraded to the Android 2.2 or Froyo planned for later this year. Computation process is also supported RAM and ROM memory each and 512 MB of internal memory and NAND flash 2 GB micro SD external memory expandable to 8 GB to 32 GB.

Like other Android smartphones, Acer Stream connect with the Android Market which provides a variety of free downloadable applications. Currently, listed no fewer than 140,000 applications to selected users both free and paid.

User interfaces are not standard. Acer Acer uses 4 that developed their own UI for smartphones homemade although users can still choose to use a standard user interface built on Android. UI 4 provides quick menu to access the history, multimedia files, and 8 favorite applications.

Multimedia features, music and videos, become a mainstay as evidenced by the availability of quick keys for accessing multimedia, in the form of the play button, forward and backward. Acer Stream also provides built-Musica application, the application to keep track of song titles, so users do not need download again. On the next screen (homescreen) also have Nemo Player to access and run multimedia files directly.

In addition, the feature that superior is the ability to record 720p HD quality video. Users can take advantage of the camera 5 megapixelnya to record HD video with no maximum size limit. Results can also record directly rotated and displayed to the screen with a micro HDMI cable. Acer Stream claimed as the first smartphone that includes an HDMI port and a micro cable for playback on the monitor screen.

Unfortunately, this feature can only connect with a television that has supported the HDMI port so it can not be seen on conventional LCD monitor or the monitor tube. "The goal is middle to upper. Those already using a handset with an HDMI cable assumption has also been featured HDMI LCD television," says Dony Friawan, Presales Specialist Acer Indonesia. Items are available in the market is priced at USD 5.490 million.

Acer Stream Specifications: Processor: Qualcomm Snapdragon 8250, 1 GHz Operating System: Android 2.1 (Eclair) can be upgraded to the Android 2.2 (Froyo) Memory: RAM / ROM 512 MB, NAND flash 2 GB, 8 GB external memory (can be upgraded to 32 GB Camera: 5 MP Screen: 3.7-inch AMOLED Connections: WiFi 802.11 b / g / n, micro USB, HDMI micro, 3.5 mm jack, FM-RDS receiver, Bluetooth, GPS, HSDPA 7, 2 Mbps, 2 Mbps HSUPA Battery: 1400 mAh Li Ion active up to 7 hours.

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