Thursday, October 7, 2010

Batik Exhibition

Athens Indonesian Embassy in cooperation with Kifisia city government, held a variety of exhibitions including batik coast and a string of classic shades of bright and dark at the Cultural Center Kifisia, Athens, Greece on 5 to 6 October 2010.

Executing Function Pensosbud Embassy in Athens, Jani Pharmacy told AFP on Wednesday (6 / 10), various praise leveled the visitors about the beauty and wide range of beauty outlets Indonesian batik on exhibit at the Cultural Center Kifisia, Athens, was.

"Super" and "Poli Orea", which means very good, are words spoken by visitors to express their admiration of the beauty of Indonesian batik booth at the exhibition, "said Jani.

According to Jani's Pharmacy, attention is concentrated on outlets Indonesian visitors who display a variety of batik including batik batik coast and a string of classic with bright and dark shades. The various batik motifs including animals and plants also graced the exhibition decor including props composed of canting batik, pan and night.

To complete the picture making batik, batik process Embassy showing examples of processing steps common to the fabric batik cloth visually through film screenings.
In addition to batik fabric collection batik Embassy in Athens is also featured student work and applied Drawing School guidance Grafakou Malvina and her daughter Ms. Eleni Grafakou.

The emergence of batik in art exhibitions in Greece, inspired by Eleni Grafakou, painters, and also participants scholarships Dharmasiswa year 2006/2007. During a year studying in Indonesia, Eleni learn batik as outlined in the results of his work is often exhibited in Greece. Eleni role to include batik as one of the curriculum in Applied Art courses in several cultural centers in the city of Athens, including the Municipality Kifisia.

In front of about 200 guests who attended the exhibition opening ceremony, Mayor Kifisia, Nikos Hiotakis, to express our appreciation and thanks to the Embassy in Athens who participated and supported the implementation of the exhibition. He hoped the cooperation that has existed with the Embassy for this could be developed in the future.

Athens Indonesian Embassy also worked with Afif Syakur Batik, Yogyakarta batik courses will be holding practice for members of the International Woman Club and also wife of Ambassador of the friendly countries who served in Athens.

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