Thursday, October 14, 2010

Pretend Risk Satisfaction Reaches Sex

Never pretend to reach orgasm in front of the couple. This is precisely the long term will bring up a misunderstanding related to her 'how' to satisfy you. By pretending to be so you would never achieve satisfaction.

Research from the Center for Sexual Health Promotion at Indiana University, United States, found as many as 85 percent of men think their partners achieve satisfaction and vice versa only 64 percent of women who claim to feel satisfied. Triggers that one of them is a fake orgasm.

It could be said to pretend to reach climax is one of the triggers of poor sex life partner. Instead you pretend, it's better just tell your partner the real situation. However, make sure the way you say it's not like let alone dictate orders.

Try to always correct the position if he is doing the same movement and not a 'success'. If you improve your body position many times he usually would notice it. Another way you can say "I like it if you ..." than a yawn and complain in the liver.

If your spouse asks what you like, answer honestly. You can not expect to satisfy your partner, without telling how. Men also feel more challenged if you are honest and she must have tried hard to satisfy you. So, do not say anything.

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