Saturday, October 9, 2010

Five Myths About Women

The study found that some myths about the female body is not true. Here are some myths that are usually a hot topic for women:

Myth 1: Fertilization will not occur when a woman is menstruating.
Fact: Sperm can live up to one week in the womb of a woman. When the menstrual period is completed, the sperm will go directly to the egg cell that can lead to fertilization.

Myth 2: Menopause affects women's desire for sex.
In fact: Menopause does not affect women's sex drive. The study, led by Edward Laumann found women aged over 50 years experience menopause still perform sexual activity several times a month.

Myth 3: Antibiotics make birth control pills do not work properly.
Fact: Antibiotics do not affect the workings of birth control pills, although until now there is no further explanation on this issue.

Myth 4: Women and Men takes the same bed.
Fact: A study at the University of Warwick involving 6000 participants found that women who slept less than five hours more at risk for developing hypertension than those who slept for five hours or more, while men have no such tendency.

Myth 5: The hymen is a determinant of female virginity.
Fact: The hymen is not determinant of a woman's virginity. A lot of myths circulating that women's vaginal hymen will tear when the woman's act of intercourse for the first time. Hymen has a very small hole and have a different elasticity in every woman.

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