Monday, October 11, 2010

This He Secrets Men

London: The man is a creature who loves to keep secrets. Behind all these secrets, there are four secrets that will keep them shut. Curious? Check it.

1. Men often masturbate
Men think masturbation is the most powerful relaxation technique. However, most men ashamed to admit it.

2. Men sometimes watch romantic movies

This is often a debate between the pair. Some men actually watch a romantic movie is a pleasure to be hiding.

3. Men love  spy on women he liked.
Men love a woman spy who loved through an account at social network owned by women, even if possible he will track down the woman through the help of the FBI. All these men can do to know the things that will attract women who are eye on.

4. Men choose a day when they do not feel confident in her body shape

In those days men will usually wear a size larger than usual size worn to hide the body that they perceive as lowering their level of confidence.

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