Thursday, October 7, 2010

The Secret Behind the Men Hugging

New York: Hug-hug affectionately designated your spouse may be the deepest feelings that he had never expressed. Hugging close also has its own meaning that you might feel.

1. Suddenly hugs
He is behind you, then he put his arms around your chest. Although he had never expressed, but a person who hugged you in this way must have been falling in love with you. When you lean to him, then he is embracing you. That meant he really wanted to protect you. Patti Wood, an expert human body motion, saying that the hug is also showing strength, and domination themselves as men.

2. When being hugged, then he rubbed your back
That means your partner is very caring. "The back is the most fragile part of yourself," says Patti Wood. You can not see behind your back. So by stroking your back, can be very surprising. However, do not be surprised if he suddenly felt excited after stroking punggng you, touch has a magical rhythm of passion.

3. Pat at embrace
If your partner is patting your back, it means he's not interested in you. Hugs that way also which shows a relationship with your partner that does not develop. Hug like that that are normally undertaken by the Adam while in certain events. However, there are also several types of men who did make it to her partner's arms in public places. Such men may shy man who does not want too much time with his partner. If you see and feel the embrace of your spouse, then hug like what he usually gave to you?

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