Monday, October 25, 2010

Taylor Momsen show off your Breasts in the middle of the concert

The actress who switch profession became singer, Taylor Momsen surprise the visitors of the concert, when he performed with his band at a show in New York, Thursday (9/10). The reason, the girl was deliberately controversial showcased her breasts when the Middle singing!

When performing with his band, The Pretty Reckless, Taylor Momsen wearing black jacket berbelahan chest short, mini skirt, stockings nets-nets, and shoes platform entitled high. The event itself is a party that held one of the magazine at Don Hill 's.

Momsen and his band has presented single they Make Me want to Die. In the middle of a song, any make fansnya Momsen was flabbergasted when he deliberately draw parts of her dress, and shows her tits in all spectators were present.

Momsen own previously was involved in some of the controversy, such as statement some time ago about movie porn and masturbation, which surprised many people.

Momsen also appeared as the cover just by wearing underwear, stockings sepaha and high heel, holding a gun toys.

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