Friday, October 8, 2010

Gaga and Bieber compete Print 1 Billion

LOS ANGELES, Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber now equally close to record new music industry. Videos Gaga and Bieber served through YouTube until now been viewed nearly a billion times.

It is estimated, the numbers printed by the videos Gaga will pass one billion in about October 20, 2010 if the average speed of placement, as now, said party, David Birch. During September 2010, the videos Gaga watched an average of 1.8 million times each day.

Meanwhile, Birch said also, the videos Bieber will score more than one billion in about November 2010 when the average speed of placement it is today.

After Gaga and Bieber, there is Michael Jackson, with numbers approximately 600 million.

Although Gaga will be the first to reach number one billion, the data shows that Bieber TubeMogul more popular in 2010. From 1 July to 28 September 2010, referring to TubeMogul data provided to Billboard, the average number Bieber every day to reach 3.98 million, while Gaga 2.04 million. For comparison, the average number Kanye West 271 000 every day since February 2010.

It is not surprising, either Gaga and Bieber have a lot of the most watched videos all the videos on YouTube. Video song "Baby" became the most watched videos during the video is on YouTube, with the number 345 million. Video song "Never Let You Go" was located at number 22, with numbers 92 million, and the video song titled "Never Say Never" ranked 28th, with the numbers 86 million.

Video Gaga song "Bad Romance" is in second place, with the number 288 million. Meanwhile, the video song "Just Dance" was ranked 11th, with the number 123 million; video song titled "Alejandro" was at number 26, with the numbers 87 million, and the video song "Telephone" it occupies position-31, with the number 85 million

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