Monday, October 11, 2010

Miracle of Laughter

Make this activity to your daily habits to get the best effect.

Laughter is a positive activity for the health of body, mind and soul. While laughing, not only the facial muscles involved moving, but this activity can also increase the pulse rate and oxygen circulation in the body, as quoted from page Fox News.

So, do not hold your desire to laugh. Health expert, Dr. Cynara Coomer found five best reasons why you need to laugh often.

Laughter as a sport
Movement time to laugh is one type of light exercise are beneficial for health. When the laughter will occur on the face of stretching muscles, increases heart rate and facilitate the spread of oxygen to body tissues.

However, this is not a reason to skip the workout at the gym, but laughter can make your heart 'long life'. And more importantly, laughter can reduce stress in an instant.

Laughter for Health
Watch a comedy movie, or heard a silly joke surely make you smile. But do not just smile, laugh more loose will make you healthier. According to research, laughed off is the key to staying healthy and fit. No matter what makes you laugh, the most important health benefits you'll get the same.

Increase endurance naturally
Laughter also can boost the immune system, so that it can ward off various diseases caused by viruses, such as the flu. That's because when laughing, you increase the oxygen being pumped throughout the body. The body is rocked when she laughed helping to clean up trash from your organs, which will also boost the immune system.

Benefits for mental health
Having a positive attitude through the activity of laughter can give a miracle when you're in a bad mood. Laughter is also beneficial for the brain. Laughter helps ease the burden that is felt when depressed because of dogged problem. This is because laughing releases endorphins, hormones that give a feeling of calm and reduce anxiety.

Relieve pain
Numerous studies have found that patients who experience chronic illness, while laughter can reduce pain from illnesses they experienced. Laughter also can divert the negative thoughts that are often experienced by patients with severe pain.

So, laugh all the time, whether it's healthy or sick time. You will feel a million benefits.

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