Monday, October 18, 2010

The arrival of menopause can be Detected Early

London: Experts have found a genetic test that can detect the fertility of women, and the arrival of menopause. The women who plan to delay or have children, are now able to measure their productive time.

As quoted from the Telegraph, Monday (18/10), researchers in England found a group of genes associated with menopause and the cessation of a woman's fertile period. The gene is influenced by lifestyle owners.

If the test indicates the possibility of menopause will come in the near future, women can change their lifestyles to delay the arrival of menopause.

"The main objective of this research is to predict when a woman will experience menopause. These tests aimed to determine women mebantu a good time to have children, because a woman's ability to contain, fell an average of 10 years before she started menopause," says Dr Anna Murray, chairman of the University of Exter Peninsula research.

The tests, which can be used in women aged above 20 years will be available in the UK in the near future, and priced at 50 Pounds Sterling, or approximately Rp712 thousand.

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