Thursday, September 2, 2010

What Actually Had Done Converter

To know the actual function of this device, of course we have to know beforehand the basic workings of the converter, whether that change digital signals to analog signals and vice versa.
The actual conversion from analog audio into digital data and from digital to analog occurs in a converter chip or chipset. Analog signals to digital converter or AID converter works by capturing analog audio signal and turn it into the figures to represent the signal waveform or waveform and menstabilkanya. The converters measure and separate the waveform into a string - string numerically on bit depth (16bit, 24Bit, etc..) And sample rate (44.100 kHz, 96,
OOOkHz, 192, OOOkHz, etc.).

While the D / A Converter works the opposite of the way of working, the A / D converter. Digital Audio Converter or often written SHE Converter or DAC is a device which functions to change the data - a digital numerical data (in this case the digital audio signal) into an analog signal voltage currents that can be delivered to the speakers to be changed again as the voice. But on the other hand can we ca * at that the audio quality produced by the DAC device to date on the application has not been able to match the results from the ability of A / D converter.

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