Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Arus Mudik 1431 Hijriah

JAKARTA, Traffic "Lebaran passengers" on the H-4 is expected to increase at night. However, this increase is still within reasonable levels. Coordinator of the National Post newspaper Lebaran 2010 Transport Saputro Suwandi said, since this morning to evening traffic situation across the region in Java is still relatively smooth and controlled.

On H-4 or Monday (06/09/2010), increased traffic flow on average 38 percent more than last year, and most seemed to happen in the land routes. Of the 22 closed-circuit television cameras placed at various locations in the province of Banten, West Java and Central Java, has not showed increased volume of vehicles that is very noticeable compared to the previous day.

"There has been no sign of improvement is striking, still-current current course. On the local terminals are also still current, there is no buildup of passengers. At the airport, too," Suwandi said in Jakarta on Monday afternoon.

Suwandi estimates, the volume of vehicles will begin to rise on Monday night until Tuesday morning. Most passengers, he said, will occur in H-2 or Wednesday (09/08/2010). "Tonight until tomorrow the numbers will rise. Lonjakannya will occur in the H-2 because at that time private sector employees have started off," he explained.

Suwandi added, with the increasing volume of vehicles in the coastal strip north and south, drivers should begin to reduce vehicle speeds, especially in times of rain. "There was heavy rain, so be careful when passing Nagrek," he advised.

Currently the National Post in 2010 are still records the Lebaran Transportation traffic ,both the number of vehicles and passengers, as well as monitoring the condition of routes and transport nodes.

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