Saturday, September 25, 2010

Evidence Scientific Miracles of the Prophet Moses Splitting of the Sea

Narrated in the Old Testament scriptures that the Prophet Moses and his followers from the Children of Israel ever caught between two deaths. Forward intercepted the red sea, still or going backwards soldier killed Pharaoh. Then God also gave to Moses miracles, miracles are believed to three religions.

The wind was blowing hard all night. Then the Red Sea water was parted to the left and right, forming a path between the wall of water that would allow Moses and his followers fled. When Pharaoh's army pursued them, suddenly the sea wall collapsed. So they tenggelamlah.

Thousands of years after that incident, scientists now believe that the miracle was a natural phenomenon. The scientists from the National Cnetre for Atmosphere Calorado Seserach in the United States, as written in the Daily Mail, Wednesday,
September 22, 2010, found that sea water had parted due to wind movement.

In a computer simulation conducted by experts in Colorado it is known that the east winds that blow with the very strong for 12 hours a night, can uncover the seawater, creating a dirt road as described in the story of 'exodus'.

Slightly different from the description of the location in the holy book, the scientists believe that the location is not in the Red Sea miracle, but at a location nearby - in the Nile delta, where an ancient river together with the lagoon.

From research in the field, map the location and experiments in the laboratory, the scientists found that the east wind with a speed of 63 mph that blew within 12 hours will encourage water - both on the lake or stream water. This process will create mud along a dirt road two miles wide and three miles for four hours.

When the wind speed dropped, the water will return to the starting position - similar to the phenomenon of tides. In the journal Public Library of Science ONE, the experts explained that anyone who is stranded in the mud itusesudah winds will weaken risk of drowning.

"People are always fascinated by the story of 'exodus' of Moses, believing that it is a fact of history. What was shown in this study is that the description of the split in the ocean, it makes sense in the laws of physics." Chairman said the research team, Carl Drews.

"Splitting the sea can be understood through fluid dynamics. The wind moving the water in a manner consistent with the laws of physics - creating a safe road with walls of water on two sides - and then water it down and drown the road." Computer simulations also indicate dry soil can be seen at two nearby locations for a wind storm.

The findings of scientists are not similar to the explanation in the Old Testament. In accordance physics, separated from each other, but rather, one of the water pushed into the opposite side.

Previously, a number of theories offered to explain phenomena scientifically parting of the Red Sea. One of them, the tsunami - which could set back the sea water and then enhancing them quickly.

But the tsunami theory, not in accordance with the explanation in the Bible - that the sea split occurs gradually, and involve wind.

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