Thursday, September 9, 2010

11 Officers Involved Egypt Theft Works Van Gogh

The 11 th Egyptian Culture Ministry officials were accused of negligence resulting in loss of 55 million dollars worth of paintings.
Mahmoud Khalil Museum in Cairo
Egyptian judicial office says 11 Egyptian Culture Ministry officials will be brought to justice for alleged negligence resulting in theft of Vincent Van Gogh paintings worth 55 million dollars.

Judicial officials said Monday, the first trial scheduled to 14 September next.

An initial investigation showed "blatant deficiencies" in the field of security at the Mahmoud Khalil Museum, where Van Gogh oil painting "Poppy Flowers" was stolen last month.

1887 painting by post-impressionist painter of the Dutch winning gold and it illustrates a red flower in a vase and cut from its frame by thieves in broad daylight.
Egyptian officials say they are increasing security measures at the museum after a theft.

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