Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Try 3D helmet Tested

New York: three-dimensional or 3D technology is now start reaching professional automotive world. This time, dozens of the original sample of 10 RPS 3D helmet was introduced to the public by HJC helmet manufacturer in New York, United States, Monday (6 / 9).

HJC's spokesman, said at least 20 prototype with a different helmet design 3D models tested six special engineer in a wind tunnel the engine speed up to 130 miles per hour or equivalent to 210 kilometers per hour. In these engines, aero dynamic visual power up helmets tested. As a result, the advantages and disadvantages of each helmet is a helmet can be known and the best will be selected for use in the international arena such as the World Superbike and MotoGP.

"HJC RPS 10 using a special locking system on the helmet shield is more stable so that the rider briefly turned their competitors," said a spokesman for HJC.

In a press release, HJC helmets also mention it has the latest construction technology choices Premium Integrated Matrix materials using three different materials, such as carbon fiber, aramid fiber and fiberglass. So that the weight of the helmet only 1,500 grams, 100 grams lighter than previous helmets products.

Some sources say the United States-made helmets are used some famous drivers like Ben Spies, World Superbike champion and MotoGP.

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