Friday, September 10, 2010

2 Greatest Band Downloadable get first RBT

Samson was the first band that got the highest income from the RBT (ring back tone), the band fronted by Bams, Erik, and Chandra Aldri is getting more than 22 billion rupiah from a song called "Kenangan Terindah". Previously producers have not looked at this, because Samson, all new bands that have been or will be working with Cellular Phone Number only get 20% of the profits.

Production House (PH) or a production house that used to produce soap operas or the jingle-jingle Man, I usually always buy a song from a musician at least appreciated 500 thousand to 1 million rupiah / songs. This does not happen again, a musician just give songs for free with the PH, because it is the promo song. for example the song "Bersama Bintang" band who's Drive was always aired every night on the soap opera Mentari.

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