Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Digital Converter Analog to Digital and Digital-to-analog

Knowingly or not, in fact on any device or recording equipment such as multitrack audio processor, digital effects processor, a CD recorder, a sampler and some types of sintesizer already have the lowest converter.Konverter components that can be found in many computers, can convert the signal to a depth of 16bit and 44.1 kHz sample rate and a good quality audio interface that can easily convert the signal into the depths 24Bit/96kHZ or more.

High-quality conversion is required when a master recordings have been completed and prepared for commercial purposes. Two types of converters are known in the field of audio recordings of analog to digital converter and Digital to Analog converter is a device processor that functions as a "gateway" or portal can be said that relied on super-accurate in terms of professional digital audio production.
In a digital-based recording studio, the existence of the device D / A converter is accurate as important as the existence of the right monitor speakers and a good listening room. A / D converter that has a function inversely proportional to the D / A Converter is even more important because the quality of the audio (as constrained by sample rate, bit depth, accuracy conversion c% ckstability, analoginputsection) permanently attached to the digital data generated.

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