Thursday, September 2, 2010

Oldest Palace in the World

A 5000-year-old palace discovered in eastern Turkey, the oldest palace in the world, will become an open air museum in June, semi-governmental news agency, Anatolia, reported on Thursday. Palace found below ground in Aslantepe tumulus, an ancient settlement in the village Orduzu, Malatya Province, was built in 3300 BC, and the restoration of the palace will be completed in the current year, said Marcella Frangipane, a professor of archeology at the University of La Spienza Italy and chairman excavation team in Aslantepe, Anatolia said.

According to him, the museum will show how an ancient country in Aslantepe began to be built and how the state system is run. He explained that the excavation team had found the ceiling of every room of the palace with a roof to protect the building.

Traces of a temple, a courtroom and the hallways are found in the palace, while the seals were found there which indicates the existence of bureaucracy at the time, Frangipane said. Civilisation ends with a fire, but traces of the palace was very important for humanity, he said.

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