Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Career Trumper and composer Chris Botti

Cristhoper Stephen Botti or Cris Botti was born 12 oktober 1962 American trumpeter and composer. Born in Portland. Oregon and grew up in Corvallis, oregon. In his childhood, his mother Had taught him "to play classical piano. And the other half of his time spent training with his piano teacher.

Although his name is widely Known as a musician / performer contemporary jazz. Chris Botti Trumper initiate Steps to insert Himself in the pop music world. The singer Who is Also a native of this city oregon Pls She started playing music was still stepping on the number ten years. And sitting on the bench During high school he began performing music Professionally. After completing his studies dii Indiana University majoring in Music Program under the direction of a tutor WHO is very exceptional (outstanding) as of Professor Bill Adam and jazz educator David Baker.

Under the direction of These two producers Hugh Padgham and Also and Arif Mardin. Botti rapidly transformed as a highly regarded pop session player and Get Involved in the process of recording with renowned musicians Poor 'Bob Dylan, Aretha Franklin, and Thomas Dolby. And last, learning in one summer with a master's degree. Woody Shaw. For him, Woody figure is full of understanding, in terms of playing music and he was Adept at improvising. Woody thinks the game is very unique, Different with musician before or afterwards. And that's an interesting one attention.

10 Botti has released a solo album. Beginning of his career only A Few smooth jazz release of the benuansa. Botti was Also Involved in recording projects artists san helped Standard Chartered Bank Standard and Poor 'Sting, Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Chaka Khan, Andrea Bocelli, Jill Scot, Steven Tyler, The Blue Nile, Josh Groban, Michael Buble, Rod Stewart, Paul Simon, Paula Cole and others.

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