Friday, September 10, 2010

Shur Kim Kardashian poses in Playboy Circulating

Kim Kardashian poses advice circulating in Playboy magazine. This is not the first time, Kim was photographed by the magazine section of the adult male.
Kim Kardashian

Playboy Cyber Club still holds 25 pictures Kim Kardashian documentation, from some stock photo shoot him from months ago in December 2007.

"Kim did not appear in public to exciting commercial needs like porn movies, cover art or icons for certain products. But that does not mean Kim stopped showing off her sexy and sensual," said a source from the site Playboy Cyber.

In a pose in Playboy, Kim appeared without a single garment. His body was only covered with a thin piece of cloth in some parts.

Previously, this beautiful socialite also never makes a scene with video mesumnya spread across the internet with a former boyfriend, Reggie Bush.

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