Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Other Side: Conversion D / A

Converter D / A modern high-end has the ability to convert digital signals to analog from a variety of digital flow. As counterparts (A / D), a converter D / A which is good to have internal facilities, low-jitter clock and (if necessary) the ability to clock from an external clock (BNC jack) or the clock is stuck with the flow - an audio stream, or a reference input XLR jacks.

Two examples of products that have the facilities source options as a bonus for users is the product DC224DAC from Troisi Design has a selectable input facilities and Prism Sound DA-2 which has a seven-wayinputsourceswitch facilities.

Some converters have extensive control over the level of facilities to accommodate the analog dynamic range of an audio circuit. An example is the Mini-DAC from Apogee Digital has any control, level control on frontpanefnya, while the converter has a facility Lucid DA9624 from the headphone jack and a great meter.

While Mytek 8X96 converters headphone jack in addition to having the facility also has a slot more than one card for DAW and choice - choice of analog interface, as well as the converter 9X192 AD / DA as analog buit-in for eight channels in four pairs of stereo.

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