Monday, September 6, 2010

Margarito Pacquiao Want to Break Records

Antonio Margarito
Manny 'Pacman' Pacquiao has been known as a boxer-boxer reliable conqueror of Mexico. Antonio Margarito promised to break the record when the two met, 13 November 2010.
Pacquiao is known as a butcher reliable Mexican boxer-boxer. Antonio Barrera, Juan Manuel Marquez and Erik Morales is a line of boxer Affairs Sombrero has become the victim of Pacquiao.

Top hegemony is, Pacquiao also known as Mexicutioner.
Margarito as reported by www. boxingscience, do not want to be a new victim Pacquiao. In contrast, the Mexican boxer Pacquio intend to break the record when the two met in Coboys Stadium, Texas, United States later.

"I want to prove that I am better than him (Pacquiao). Frankly, I have a hunger to be champions again and I have a dream to make it happen," said Margarito.

"I never stopped training. I have faith that the opportunity will come again. Pacquiao has a record in defeating the Mexican boxer, and now it is my turn to stop it," he said.

The plan, Margarito will menghadai Pacquiao in the struggle for the vacant title of junior middle class. Margarito is a champion in this class boxing WBC version of the body after defeating Roberto Garcia.
Mey Chan duet friend claimed to have forgotten this in the past hurt. Maia sincerely accept the first trials of the household ever hit with Dhani.

"It was like, if we are given the same test of God, received with legowo aja. If accepted by legowo, God willing, more will be given by God. Alhamdulillah, up to fast now I can walk through, and now may be the same kids. That was a blessing Ramadan an extraordinarily beautiful, "he said.

To plan the next household, Maia was not ready to decide anything. Relationship with Dhani do not want to respond with heroics. Maia was just thinking about her children.

"I still give the same attention the kids. Now I've got my own life at home. I now have the same freedom of children in his house Mas Dhani," she explains.
(Mexican boxer-boxer)

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