Thursday, September 23, 2010

Bandung Air Show and the Creative Expo 2010

Bandung Air Show 2010 at the Air Base (Lanud) Husein Sastranegara, greeted by enthusiastic residents of Bandung and its surroundings. On the first day alone, more than 15,000 residents who came to Lanud Husein Sastranegara. They come from all walks start entourage kindergarten pupils, to parents.

The enthusiasm of residents seen since at 8:00 pm. The line of vehicles began to happen since the 100 meters before the entrance gate. Residents who bring vehicles, both motorcycles and cars, just having trouble finding a parking space. The visitors had detained about half an hour waiting for the official opening of the BAS 2010.

After the opening, the visitors immediately entertained with a variety of attractions is a colossal martial arts that followed 500 children. Uniquely, in unison with martial arts attractions, promptly at 9:25 pm, at an altitude of 1,000 feet in altitude or ground level about 300 meters from the ground, passing three Hawk 100/200 aircraft from Squadron 1 Pontianak. Hawk 100/200 aircraft is made by British Aerospace Engineering. In this condition a full tank of fuel, Hawk 100/200 able to roam up to 1,600 km with 3,000 kg carrying weapons as well as the speed of 1,400 km / hour.

All three planes had been doing various maneuvers that entertain and thrill the heart of the audience like a low pass, flying pass, touch down, and the simulated attack. After performing for about 15 minutes, the three aircraft returned to its home base in Pontianak. Still amazed by the attractions of the Air Force pilots with its equator Eagle (Hawk 100/200), residents were entertained with the attractions directly aerobatik Cessna 172 PK-NZC and Super Decathlon championship with the registration type NK-NZP.

Both the United States-made aircraft was manned by two senior pilots in Indonesia. The plane is red and white Cessna, piloted Capt.. Gayatri Esther Saleh who was the only test pilot and flight instructor in Indonesia, even in Asia. In flight, she was accompanied by Ir. Nurcholis which is a flight test engineer at PT DI. While the Super Decathlon piloted Capt.. Ir. Alexander Supelli ever won second place in the International Aerobatic Championship in Australia, in the year 1997.

Both perform a variety of attractions and a thrilling maneuvers such as the heart of the audience approaching head on (to fly close to and facing each other), inverted (flying inverted), lazy 8 (maneuvering to form figure 8), roller coasters, and much more. Attractions aerobatik which lasted about 20 minutes was followed by a jump by 10 members of the combination of Kopassus, the Marines, Paskhas, Police, and FASI.

The event was stopped due to torrential rain fell for about an hour. Beres rain, there's more attractions three EC 120 B Colibri helicopter from Squadron 7 Lanud Suryadarma, kalijati Subang. Attractions chaired the 7th Squadron Commander Lieutenant Colonel Pilot. Daan Sulfi along with two other pilots are Major Pilot. Tarmuji and Captain Pilot. Anggit. Each pilot was accompanied by a co-pilot.

No half-hearted, the squadron of seven featuring six exciting maneuvers ranging from String Bombas, Bombas Tri Angel, approaching Head On, Pedal Turn, One-point turn, and break off. Visitors greeted him with applause. Attractions not stopped. Still there are performance-trike trike from FASI and planes Aeromodelling.

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