Saturday, September 18, 2010

Qualified Converter Components

Factory - the factory chip offers various versions of the course is adjusted with the price, the conversion method, the number of channels, additional chips, the chip features a liaison DSP, THD / noise floor and dynamic range performance.

A converter A / D eminently qualified to have the ability of the analog front end (input from analog to digital converter) which is good, namely the ability of a wide dynamic range without clipping function - precise function, the level of control that can be reset and the attenuator. For example we may call, ADC1 A / D output Benchmark Media has 41 detent variable gain control 10-d Timmer tum calibration of the three-position 10/201300) first stage.

If a characteristic "sound" is also included in the assessment of the design of converter A / D, then it will be judged by the ability analogfront end (A / D) or analogbackend (D / A). Product BomberA B2 / D from Burl Audio BX1 transformer with features in a discrete, Class A, zero-DC-coupledsignalpath feedbackdan (without caps), said to be one converter that can contribute to a quality sound on a mic preamp.

Another added value of the converter-converter A / D is the output-current capability of digital rectal to accommodate a variety of formats. If we use high-sample-rate with the DXD format (Xtreme Digital Definition) output DSD or DCS to "tuture-prooting" a master recordings, maybe we'll need a digital audio simultaneously to other external purposes. for example, Prism Sound AD-Converter 2 and Benchmark ADC1 has the ability to output two or more currents on the bit depth / sample rate doubling for simultaneous CD 44.1 kHz / 1 6Bit 48kHz/16Bit audio or digital video.

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