Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Electronic Music Technology

Is a Russian named Leo Theremin electronic music That makes the device the first time in 1920, Theremin use interference beats of two oscillators (means of an inverter) to create the tone - tone sine wave or sine-wave tones. Two other electronic music devices are made then the Ondes Martinot (1928) and Trautonium (1930) Also made with The Same design.

The discovery of a tape recorder in late 1940's, giving new meaning to the composer to Modify the Sound Recordings, including splicing (cut off the Sound Recordings to create a parallel position), speed variation (changes in pitch of voice recording) and mixing ( Which allows multiple results in the playback of the recording cans at the Same Time). At the level of popular music, Les Paul is one of the Pioneers of electronic music musicians, with the discovery of solid-body electric guitar is the first in 1946 and music Recordings That Were Recorded in the 1950s in eight-track recording studio Designed by Les Paul Himself.

Sketches of the earliest electronic music, developed in Paris in 1948 by Pierre Schaeffer by using Sound Recordings Were processed electronically to mcnciptakan sonic collage. The method is Called concrete music.

Mid-year 1950 is the era of the early effort to utilize the computer as a tool for synthesizing sound and the company's Bell Laboratories in New Jersey, United States, was first Interested in the possibility of transmitting telephone conversations in digital form. The process involves conversion of Every conversation from analog form to digital form, then change back the information from digital form into analog form as the voice Heard by the recipient's phone. Conversion of a conversation from analog to digital form is done by a process called "sampling".

Systems "are only needed to radiate a small portion of the audio spectrum, the Bell Laboratories research team bahwateknologi Complaints Can be Used to create electronic music. In the year 1957-58 is to Produce research Music I and Music II are two computerized programs That are still first-generation music very simple.

The next impact is Also very significant in the development of electronic music is the Emergence of the work of Robert Moog and Others in the mid 1960s. Moog managed to make a model of the music device from the electronic laboratory equipment and Some of its products Used in the recording musicians - famous musicians Poor 'Walter Carlos, The Beatles, The Monkees and others.

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